A guide to food and drink in Playa del Carmen

More and more people travel to Mexico each year in search of lively, sunshine-soaked destinations to unwind in. As a result, it’s no surprise there are a myriad of international restaurants all over Playa del Carmen serving up every kind of cuisine imaginable – from Italian and Chinese through to British and of course, Mexican.

Exploring Playa del Carmen's delicacies

Mexican favourites such as tacos, burritos and enchiladas don’t disappoint, however, the abundance of Mayan cuisine on offer is an experience not to be missed. Alternative Mexican dishes include poc chuc – pork tenderloin marinated in sour orange and grilled. The comida corrida is a set menu with various choices for each dish at a decent price.

Meanwhile, those who are really on a budget should stick to street food. Taco stands and antojito vendors are found all over the town and are normally open until 6am, making them the perfect place to soak up some of that alcohol with a delicious snack.

A truly satisfying steak at 500 Gramos Grill

If you’re a meat-eater, a trip to 500 Gramos while in Playa del Carmen is an absolute must.

The entire staff take their jobs very seriously, from the warm and hearty welcome at the door to the chef enquiring as to whether the fillet has been cooked to your satisfaction. Additionally, the side orders are equally excellent and not just mere afterthoughts, while the value for money is outstanding. Just remember to bring your appetite!

Out-of-this-world vegan food at La Senda

When it comes to holidays in Mexico, it can sometimes be hard to find good vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Luckily enough, you won’t face that problem in Playa del Carmen, since La Senda serves up some truly sumptuous cuisine. The extensive menu is rounded off by a laid-back vibe, superb smoothies and delicious coffee. As an added bonus, free Wi-Fi access has recently been added.

An eclectic and inexpensive menu at Kaxapa Factory

As well as La Senda, Kaxapa Factory also serves up delicious vegan and vegetarian options, alongside chicken, beef and pork staples for the staunch meat-eater.

In fact, its varied menu includes a range of different influences, though the overbearing theme is Venezuelan cuisine – little surprise when the owners are ex-patriots of that fine nation who have spent the last decade or so in Mexico. For a delightful dining experience at cut-rate prices, Kaxapa is the ideal choice.

A romantic meal with the ocean as a backdrop at Pavo Real

Located at a slight remove from Playa del Carmen, Pavo Real can cause confusion when trying to find it, but you’ll certainly be glad you did. The fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea is only bettered by the exquisite food and friendly service from the staff. It’s perfect for an intimate meal with that special someone.

World class dinner in an intimate setting at Oh Lala!

Oh Lala! might be a little more costly than other spots you’ll find if you’re holidaying in Playa del Carmen, but there’s no doubt that it’s well worth the extra outlay. With refined surroundings, impeccable customer service, beautiful presentation and sumptuous cuisine, you won’t go wrong here for a romantic evening meal. Just make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.