Tamassa Bel Ombre

The Tamassa Bel Ombre is a lively beachside four-star resort in the district of Bel Ombre, Mauritius. Located on the southwest of the island, the resort provides the perfect setting for picturesque mountain views and expanses of sugar fields that holidays to Mauritius are known for. The Tamassa Bel Ombre offers a relaxed and enjoyable vibe suitable for both families and young couples alike. It has wonderful pools and is only a short walk away from the Indian Ocean and the various water sports available.

Overview of Bel Ombre

The beautiful island nation of Mauritius is right in the heart of the Indian Ocean, providing the perfect destination for a relaxing tropical retreat filled with exotic cocktails and white sandy beaches. Before Mauritius became a popular holiday destination, it was discovered by Portuguese sailors in 1507 looking for a stop-off point on their voyage across the Indian Ocean. Nowadays, the district of Bel Ombre is filled with awesome resorts like the Tamassa Bel Ombre, exquisite nature reserves and all the staple tropical adventures that you’d expect from a holiday to Mauritius.

Things to do in Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Bel Ombre is one of Mauritius’ best kept secrets as well as being home to the Tamassa Bel Ombre. Once you’ve soaked up all the goodness this tropical island possesses, unwind with some traditional island cuisine. The locals of Mauritius are notoriously welcoming people and are happy to provide traditional Mauritian recipes and delicious food to the holidaymakers on the island. Once you’ve settled your appetite and enjoyed the beautiful beaches, why not explore the Black River Gorges National Park or venture into the mountains to see the Chamarel Waterfall? Mauritius is an island filled with culture and tradition. Its beautiful climate and welcoming locals make it the perfect destination for your summer holidays.

Resort Summary

Bel Ombre is located on Mauritius’ Wild South Coast. It’s an undeveloped stretch of coast, renowned for its footprint-free beaches, rugged coastline, quiet fishing villages and undulating green hills. Bel Ombre is a bubble of luxury right in the middle of this stunning scenery, and it hasn’t been overdeveloped.

The superb beach, which runs for almost four miles along the length of Bel Ombre, is something to write home about. Picture soft sand fringed with coconut palms, and lagoon-like turquoise waters. Walk along the beach and you’ll quickly find a quiet spot to place your towel.

Some of the most luxurious resorts in Bel Ombre look out onto the beach. These areas are superbly maintained, and they’re populated with chic bars and poolside restaurants where you can stop for a cocktail.