Cheap Holidays to Venice

Visits to Italy’s famous floating city and cheap holidays are one and the same. Centrally-located hotels, a hodge podge of mouth-watering dining options and sightseeing excursions down scenic streets will keep your holiday budget-friendly and action-packed.

Venice Cheap Holidays

Midday wanderings and historic sites keep Venice holidays on the cheap

Only a two hour flight stands between you and Venice’s affordable and iconic streets.

Spend your time in the air reading all about the culture, delicacies and beautiful sites waiting to be discovered.

One giant UNESCO World Heritage Site and a city that invokes romance to all that slip down its picturesque canals, Venice needs little introduction.

What’s more is, the top activities here won’t break the bank – days in Venice are spent wandering down the historic streets, pausing in gargantuan squares and dining on slices of pizza from little holes in the wall.

Cheap things to do around Venice

Venice is one of those cities where wandering the streets is an activity of its own. It helps that Venice’s streets are cut with waterways, making it a unique stroll at that – this slice of Italy isn’t called a living museum for nothing.

The great thing about visiting Venice is that so many of its major sites are architectural or churches, both of which are usually free to visit. You can marvel at the sheer size of St Mark’s Square or the mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica, and decide later if you want to dish out a little extra for the museum.

Dining in Venice won’t break the bank either. With pizza by the slice and small plates of Italian tapas – called chicchetti – you can mix and match what works for you, and save in the process.

After that, you’ll want to grab a scoop of gelato before embarking on a gondola ride through the city for maximum sightseeing potential – going the scenic route is worth investing in. Visit Venice during Carnival, and you’ve got an even bigger wealth of free activities like parades and celebrations with iconic Venetian masks on offer.

How to get a great Venice holiday deal

To score the best holiday deals to Venice, you’ll want to sit tight until about eight weeks before your departure date. This is when holiday prices drop, putting you in a good position to find some seriously low price tags.

Venice also offers a wide range of board types at its hotels, so you can pick what works best for your price range. Going Half Board means you’ll have one meal taken care of while the other is free to be stuffed with traditional Italian cuisine.

If, when all is said and done, you still aren’t sold on Venice for your cheap holiday, rest assured that there are loads of other options nearby. For beach-based breaks head north to the Venetian Riviera resorts of Lido Di Jesolo or Bibione.

Only 50 minutes from Venice, Lido Di Jesolo is a fun-filled modern resort with large expanses of sand, that goes heavy on the activities and nightlife. Further up the coast Bibione is quieter while still hitting big with one of Italy’s longest beaches, waterparks and shopping malls.

But if your heart is set on Venice, check out our travel guide for more information. In the meantime, here are this city’s top hotels for a cheap holiday.