A guide to nightlife in Bibione

Bibione‘s nightlife scene keeps things largely casual, with the exception of a few nightclubs that generally close once peak Italy holiday season quietens down. They’re back up and running again around April – when the themed parties and late nights come back to town. But in the meantime, you’ll still have your pick of beach bars and cosy pubs to keep your glasses full.

Terrace nights at Glow Drinks & Maccaroni

You’ll find more drinks than you will mac n’cheese at this nightclub, renowned as one of the wildest in Bibione. The main party area is out on the terrace, made warm by Bibione’s gorgeous climate and a whole arrangement of martinis and margaritas. Special parties here bring in DJ sets and costumed dancers.

Kicks on Route 66 at Gasoline Road Bar

The Gasoline Road Bar is decked out like a roadtrip in a room, with walls coated in gasoline signs and a Route 66 mural. The bar is renowned for its beer, featuring brews on tap and by the bottle. And its location along Bibione’s main road to the beach means it’s a convenient pit stop on the way back from a day out.

Chic surroundings at Koco Music Club

If you’ve come on holiday to Italy to dance, the Koco Music Club should be your first destination, maybe even before your hotel. It’s loved for its massive dance parties held in a swanky club clad in chandeliers and white, neon-lit bars. Themed nights regularly take place featuring hip hop and R&B, Brazilian music and 70s hits, so check in advance what’s on.

Late night dancing at Shany Disco Beach

Another of Bibione’s warehouse-style nightclub venues, Shany Disco Beach is a hotspot for late nights and endless cocktails. They regularly hold events like hip hop and reggaeton nights, 90s parties and those where the dress code is strictly black and white.

Wacky parties at Naima Sound Club

The Naima Sound Club is smaller in size than Bibione’s dance clubs. It might look like your average bar but bring some of the locals in and you’ll see it’s everything but. There are cocktails and beers on tap, sure, but it’s the parties that are noteworthy as they feature outlandish themes like gothic and horror, black circus and animals – think lots and lots of animal onesies.

Live sports at Beer Code

At Beer Code, you’ll find a lot of just that – beer. It’s your typical pub atmosphere, with sports on television, world flags for bunting and a long list of beers as well as cocktails. The bar has been known to fill up quick, but there’s an outdoor terrace for crowds to spill onto when the going gets good.

Beach cocktails at Chiosco Lilly Bar

Expect a slew of cool cocktails at Chiosco Lilly, which is directly on the beach. There are small bites like sandwiches and ice creams, but it’s the drinks that most people come for, as the fruity-pink cocktails and cold beers get the beach parties going.

Top beer at American Charlie's Bar

American Charlie’s Bar is a relaxing spot to cosy in with a few beers. You can pick up light bites for breakfast and brunch, or pop in for one of the bar’s specially-crafted cocktails. There’s a terrace outside that shoulders a busy street, so people-watching is also on the menu.

Soothing vibes at Cafe Etnik E Asia Line

This inviting spot is known especially for its decor, heavy on comfort and soothing tones. Scattered around this cafe-bar, you’ll find plush red sofas, endless pillows and Asian statues, plus the scent of incense is in the air. Oh, and there are cocktails – lots and lots of those.

Sea-themed brews at Birrificio Bibione Maccarello

Sporting beers that are ‘born from the sea,’ Birrificio Bibione Maccarello is a little microbrewery boasting its very own bottled brews. You can expect a classic pilsner, lager and summer ale all themed after imagery of Bibione’s seaside, plus a selection of beer on tap. The brewery also features pub-style bites like sandwiches and pizza, plus live music to enjoy as you sip.