A guide to the best restaurants in Bibione

You should expect nothing but authentic Italian when venturing to Bibione, as the locals here like to stick to their classics. Seafood and pasta come in abundance, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find pizza just about everywhere you go on your holidays to Italy. And don’t think it’ll be just your average pie – this is real Italian pizza done the traditional way, with only the freshest ingredients.

Heaping seafood platters at Ristorante Pizzeria Da Franco

You’ll not only get fresh seafood at local favourite Pizzeria Da Franco, but a sea’s worth of food, too. That’s code for the portions are pretty massive. When dining here, you can expect pizzas piled high with toppings, spaghetti brimming with mussels and prawns as big as your fist stacked high on your plate. Make sure you arrive with an appetite.

Simple Italian at Primoamore

Whatever classic Italian food you’re after, you’re sure to find it at Primoamore. The restaurant set-up is rather simple, though the food is anything but. On the menu, you’ll find everything from huge seafood sampler plates, to seafood pasta, pizza and lobster.

A little romance at Da Zio Stefano

Da Zio Stefano is a classic Italian trattoria specialising in fresh seafood and pasta. Dishes like tuna steak and raviolis topped with prawns and green beans keep pescatarians happy, while grilled steak satisfies carnivores. Sprinkle in some meals by candlelight or out on the terrace, and you’ve got yourself a side of romance, too.

Courtyard dining at Ristorante Pizzeria Pineda

This little restaurant’s charming courtyard is what initially enchants visitors, but it’s the food that keeps them coming back. Meals here provide more classic Italian, with plates of grilled fish, pizza and piping hot calzones. Dessert offers up more local delights with fresh pastries doused in cream, and bowls of sorbet.

Dining square-side at Ristorante Pizzeria Panorama

When the word panorama is in the restaurant’s name, you know you’ve got a good view in store. The view from Pizzeria Panorama is of a bustling square in Bibione, ripe for people-watching. And the food isn’t bad either – think wood-fired pizzas, fish fillets and massive seafood samplers.

Local staples at Ristorante Al Ponte

Classic Italian staples abound at this family-friendly restaurant, from caprese salads to grilled seafood and pizza, some of which are topped with chips. Yes, you read that right! The restaurant is also attached to a sprawling playground that will keep little diners occupied so you can sip your wine in peace.

Pretty presentations at Ostricaio

It’s all about appearances at this elegant restaurant, as even cocktails are served in true fashionable form. Dine inside or on the terrace – wherever you go, you’re likely to come across dishes served on slate, some of which are crisped by blow torch right in front of you. In terms of food, you can look forward to dishes like crab starters, oysters and lobster.

Raw fish at Piccolo Mondo

Piccolo Mondo is known for drawing in locals, because even in a sea of excellent restaurants, this one stands out. You can expect fresh pasta dishes, raw fish dishes like tuna tartar and cellar wine that never fails to delight.

Homecooked meals at Wunderbar

The name of this restaurant might be German, but the food here is all Italian, all the time. You can look forward to heaped portions of pasta and seafood, sometimes together and sometimes on their own. As for atmosphere, the vibes are supremely low-key and family-run, but it’s usually busy so make sure to reserve a table in advance.

Fresh kebabs at Wimpy

Wimpy is a much more informal spot – think takeaway and quick tables on the patio – but the food is top notch, especially if you’re on the go. It also adds kebabs made with fresh pitta bread to Bibione’s dining scene, along with thin-crusted pizzas that are delightfully cheap and delightfully cheerful.