Selva Di Fasano Holidays 2024/2025

This hilltop town is full of distinctive houses, beautiful vistas and endless sunshine. Selva di Fasano thrives on its laid-back lifestyle and cafe culture amid Middle Eastern styled architectural wonders. Popular with nature lovers, visitors can visit the biggest wildlife sanctuary in the country here.

Selva Di Fasano Holiday Deals

The quaint heart of Puglia

When you want your holiday to take you to the real Italy, look no further than Selva di Fasano, Puglia. This community is tucked up high among the hills, which means that the plentiful clear days you’ll enjoy here offer vast panoramas of rolling meadows and sea views. In fact, this is the highest point in the Brindisi province, although you’re sheltered from the breezes by towering trees and rich forests.

In harmony with nature

Your Selva di Fasano holiday has you nestled in some of Italy’s most unspoilt territory. Bathed in sunshine all day long, Selva di Fasano has made greenery a part of everyday life. Those views we talked about will let you gaze across the vast hinterlands of olive groves, which are a major crop for the area, making for tasty olive oil you’ll likely sample while dining here.

If you’re looking to unwind, after less than 15 minutes’ drive you can be at the beach of Torre Canne, a seaside town famous for its hot springs. Immersing yourself in that healing water is a great way to soothe aches and pains.

Closer to Selva di Fasano though, you’ll find Fasanolandia. This is where the town’s love of nature shines through brightest, as it’s one of Europe’s largest open wild animal parks. Majestic creatures from across the globe are free to roam here, and you can drive through to meet them all at your leisure.

Puglia's prettiest town

As you might expect for Italy, coffee shops are a big part of life in Selva di Fasano. Aromatic roasts waft out of streetside cafes where locals gather around tables outside, reading papers and enjoying conversation in the sun.

The town’s got a very distinct architectural style – its buildings have big pointy rooftops like straight out of a fantasy film. This style, called trulli, is unique to the Puglia region, but Selva di Fasano wears it like a badge of honour. That’s especially true of the photogenic church, Trullo del Signore.

There’s also a touch of Middle Eastern flair in town too. A few of the more prominent villas and houses have been built with the spires, minarets and feel of classic Arabian architecture, lending a taste of the exotic to your time here.

That alluring architecture is also found framing the Casina Municipale, a big open park where art and events can often be found taking place. In fact, the town’s summer festival makes this park awash with colour and music every year.

Wining and dining

Any holiday to Italy guarantees fantastic food, and Selva di Fasano hotels and restaurants serve up some of the finest dishes in the land. From risottos to lasagnes, to rich tiramisu, the tasty delights are served alongside some of the region’s most exquisite wines.

You’ll find that tradition is at the heart of most of your dining options here, with an added dash of stylish intimacy. That’s definitely the case at a restaurant such as Il Fagiano, whose bruschettas and ravioli come with rich dark wood furniture, pressed white tablecloths and a terrace to dine on. There’s also the more laid-back Ristorante La Siesta, whose cosy interior hosts home-cooked dishes and some of the best pizzas around.

Overall you’ll find that life after dark in Selva di Fasano is downtempo and stylish. Cafe culture and nightlife options are two sides of the same coin here. A great example of that is somewhere such as Bar Fiocco de Neve. By day, it’s a humming cafe where slick dark coffees and light flaky croissants grace your plate, yet by night it comes to life with wine, beer, cocktails and the occasional live music act.


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