A guide to nightlife in Naples

You might not originally come to Naples on your Italy holidays for the nightlife, but it’ll keep you coming back. Packed with trendy cocktail bars, late-night clubs and even laid-back spots fashioned after libraries, there’s a wide range of after-hour vibes going on here.

Complimentary appetisers at Seventy Bar & Cool Food

We’re not sure how food can be ‘cool’ outside of being served chilled, but we’re not here for the food. We’re here for the ambience, made easy-going with vintage lounge chairs and retro lamps, not to mention the cocktails. Oh, and maybe we’re here for the complimentary appetiser buffet, too. Perhaps the fact it’s free is what makes the food so ‘cool’.

Drinks for a euro at Cammarota Spritz

Cammarota Spritz is a quirky spot with seating composed of benches and milk crates that force holidaymakers and locals to mix and mingle. On offer is a small selection of wine and beer, but most people go for the Spritz, plastic cups of which are only a euro. You heard that right – brightly-coloured drinks for only a euro.

Big time bashes at Arenile di Bagnoli

Every resort needs its own staggeringly-giant outdoor venue, and Naples is no different. Arenile di Bagnoli is located right beside the sea and comes complete with tents for dancing, cocktails for sipping and a massive stage for attracting international acts. Check in advance to see who’s stopping by while you’re on your holidays to Italy.

Eclectic sounds at Duel Beat

Duel Beat is a dance club that likes to keep its options open. During the week, it hosts nights featuring everything from 70s and 80s hits to techno, along with the odd art installation. This warehouse-style venue is also known to bring in popular names in the DJ world, so checking their line-up in advance is highly advised.

Dance nights at Teatro Posillipo

Formerly a cinema, Teatro Posillipo keeps its roots in Italian theatre close to heart. With a huge stage that regularly hosts live music, this elegant venue easily packs in hundreds of dancers looking for a late night, but also features lounge areas for those looking to unwind.

Live music at Bourbon Street Jazz Club

New Orleans has found itself a little pocket of Italy to call home at the Bourbon Street Jazz Club, a lively venue whose goal is to put Naples on the map of the jazz world. They regularly feature jam sessions in which musicians in the audience are invited to take part, plus a calendar’s worth of live gigs hosting jazz groups from near and far.

Trendy lounges at Alter Ego

Stashed away in one of Naples’ trendiest districts, Alter Ego is suitably stylish. Its lounge areas are located in long hallways, stacked with colourful cubes for sitting on. On offer here are an assortment of cocktails and complimentary bar snacks, along with live music.

Scholarly nightlife at Liberia Berisio

This unique spot gets five stars for quirkiness, as it’s made up to look like a library. At the bar you’ll find an arrangement of colourful cocktails, with flavours like pistachio creme and cacao creme on the menu. There’s also live jazz music playing regularly, so you can cosy up between the books and pair your cocktail with some easy-going tunes.

Rainbow-coloured drinks at Swig Music Bar

Swigging drinks is certainly something you’ll want to do when visiting this trendy spot, as they regularly come in blindingly-bright colours. The venue is small in size but the music draws in the crowds, especially because visitors can request it with their phones.

Cafe vibes at Slash

Part music bar, part art gallery, Slash might look at first like a little cafe with ample seating for all. But it’s a top spot for grabbing a cocktail and settling in for the night with a pack of friends or a loved one. There’s even a regular selection of live music and DJ sets, paired-back to fit with the relaxing atmosphere.