Hotel Le Querce Terme and Spa

When you pull up a lounger on the Hotel Le Querce Terme and Spa’s bathing platform, you’ll feel like an Italian film star.

The hotel’s pool comes with sweeping Mediterranean views, but the pretty-as-a-picture bathing platform sits in the Bay of Cafiero.

When you fancy a day of relaxation and luxury, head to the hotel’s spa. There’s a hot tub and a thermal pool, and you can opt for treatments like facials, manicures and massages.

There’s also a main restaurant that serves up fresh breakfasts and seafood specialities at dinner time.

Overview of Naples

Italy is a destination packed with cosmopolitan cities, but none hold a candle to the red-blooded city of Naples. Packed to the rafters with palaces, churches, castles and museums that illuminate the city’s past, Naples is perfect if you love to explore.

Naples is also the ideal base for a foodie holiday to the Neapolitan Riviera. The city was home to the world’s first pizzeria, and its streets are lined with places where you can grab a slice to go or indulge in a Michelin-starred meal. If you’re still not full, there’s a gelato stall on almost every corner.

Things to do in Naples

The Hotel Le Querce Terme and Spa is perched on the dainty island of Ischia, which is just off the coast of lively Naples. It’s easy to reach the mainland, though, as it takes just over an hour on the ferry.

As soon as you dock in Naples, you’ll discover history that winds back for centuries. For a spot of culture, the Naples National Archaeological Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of artefacts from the Roman Empire, and the Museo di Capodimonte houses many works of art by painting masters.

In the evening, most upmarket restaurants line the front, but head to the cobbled streets to discover something more rustic and traditional.

After a stay at the Hotel Le Querce Terme and Spa, you’ll fall in love with the charm, beauty and cuisine of Naples.

Resort Summary

Naples’ name is attached to a list of accolades. It’s one of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world, plus its historic city centre is the largest in Europe and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also famed for founding pizza, but most of all, Naples is a holiday destination you won’t soon forget.

Stashed away on the western coast of Italy, Naples is known for its culture and history winding back for centuries, permeating absolutely every city street. Museums here are awe-inspiring and the food is mouth-watering. Add to that a Mediterranean climate, and we’re pretty sure we just found our new home away from home.