Meina Holidays 2024/2025

Lake Maggiore is a magical place, and Meina, one of the picturesque villages surrounding this stunning body of water, is a holiday destination that should definitely be on your must-see list. Architecture is what draws many people here, and the climate, the friendly people, and the amount of things to do in the area is what convinces many to stay. No matter what your reasons for coming to Meina, once you’ve experienced what it has to offer, you’ll wonder why you never visited before.

Meina Holiday Deals

A golden opportunity

In Meina Italy, you’ll find the perfect place to explore the area around Lake Maggiore. Take Macugnaga, for example, which lies within the foothills of the Monte Rosa. You’ll find quintessential Alpine cabins here, and a piazza called the Chiesa Vecchia, where the locals meet to pass the time of day, and where you can watch the world go by with a perfectly-made coffee or a cool drink.

Once here, it’s well worth climbing Monte Rosa, with the aid of the cable car, to see the Madonna della Neve, a golden statue that’s simply divine.

Take a helicopter tour

A helicopter ride across Lake Maggiore will allow you to take in all of the fantastic scenery, including a bird’s eye view of Meina itself. You’ll see the elegant villas, towns, and of course, the lakes as they glisten in the sunshine. Not only could this be the most romantic of trips for a couple, but for families it’s also exciting and memorable. No matter who you ride with – or if you go alone – you’ll find the views awe-inspiring, while for those with an artistic bent, such as painters and photographers, there is nothing else quite like it.

Taste the region's best wines

Wine-tasting is a great way to spend your time when on your Meina holidays, particularly because it is so close to Ghemme, where some of the best wine in the region is made.

This is your chance to see exactly how the wine that has been made for generations is still made today. You can enjoy a tour of the old cellars and see the wine that is ageing in traditional wooden barrels. Finally, you’ll be able to taste the wine, along with some local cheese and locally-made salami, and of course buy your own to take home with you. Isn’t this what holidays to Italy are all about?

Impressive architecture

Meina Italy is well known for its impressive religious architecture, and if you’re staying in the area then it’s impossible to miss some of the most famous of these incredible buildings.

Take the Basilica of San Gaudenzia, for example – the domed roof and spire was designed by Tibaldi in 1577, but it took almost 100 years to complete. Then there’s the statue of San Carlone, which can be found in Arona. This is famed for being one of the tallest statues in all of Europe, standing at 35 metres high.

Or what about the Sacro Money Calvario in Domodossola? This is a complex of buildings containing the wonderful Castle of Mattarell, the Rosmini Convent, and the Sanctuary of the Cross (15 small chapels). These buildings, and plenty more besides, could be the ideal way to spend your Meina holidays.

Discover a lake with depth

Lake Maggiore, where Meina is based, is a beautiful place to sit and watch the world go by, but it’s also a place where you can experience adrenalin-pumping watersports, including windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving, canoeing, and swimming.

Take your pick of the many options on offer – or try your hand at all of them – and get to know the lake even more than you thought you could. If you visit in the last week of August, you can join in with the fun, as over 800 people join together to attempt the Cross Lake Swim.

Marvel at the scenery

The area around Meina is just made for trekking. There are dozens of small paths that wind their way through the Alpine scenery, giving you the ultimate view of this most stunning of places. The great thing about these paths is that they are well-maintained, with many places to stop en-route, allowing anyone to enjoy them, no matter what level of fitness you happen to have.

Meina, situated near to the amazing Lake Maggiore, is a place that offers you the peace and quiet of a hidden hamlet, but that also allows you to explore the local area with ease and take in every aspect of Lake Maggiore – giving you the ultimate in Italian holiday destinations.


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