A guide to the best restaurants in Baveno

If you’re looking for classic Italian food in a scenic setting, you’ve come to the right place. Baveno is laced with restaurants serving up lakeside views. As for dishes, it’s all about the local cuisine, so you can expect plates of steak, pizza and seafood pasta.

Haute cuisine at Ristorante Amelie

The dishes plated at Ristorante Amelie are all about the presentation, artfully-crafted with expertly-placed herbs and gold leaf. They’re pretty delicious, too. There’s a heavy emphasis on Italian here, with fish and pasta meals peppered with fresh vegetables taking the lead.

Cured meat and cheese plates at L'Angolo delle Fate

The unique concept restaurant L’Angolo delle Fate is run by a husband and wife duo that really know their stuff when it comes to food. On offer here are a series of plates for sharing, with only cured meat and cheese on the menu. Sometimes dishes come accompanied with hot sides like homemade soup, but they’re always served with skilfully-paired glasses of wine.

Artful Italian at Ristorante Posta

Found in a stately little building, Ristorante Posta is traditional Italian at heart, dishing up ravioli stuffed with cheese and pear, beef in red wine sauce and rabbit in lemon sauce. There’s a small terrace out front overlooking the lake in the not-too-far distance, best enjoyed with a glass of local red wine.

Elegant plates at Ristorante Serenella

The Ristorante Serenella sits at the end of a leafy drive like a hidden cottage waiting to be discovered. The meals here are so artfully prepared you won’t want to disturb them, but with tantalising plates of beef steak with mustard sauce, starters of prosciutto and squash blossoms and strawberries with cream for dessert, you’ll have a difficult time staying away.

Lakeside views at Vistaqua

Situated right along the waterfront in Baveno, Vistaqua is a prime spot for gorgeous views on Lake Maggiore holidays. The menu here is classic Italian, with pasta and clams, pizza and beef carpaccio, plus wine and cocktails. The desserts, however, are anything but ordinary, and aren’t to be ignored.

Traditional Italian at Ristorante Eden

If there had to be a restaurant that resembled Eden, we’d be happy calling it this one. Stashed away right alongside the waterfront, Ristorante Eden is heavy on the views. As for the menu, it’s all Italian, with bruschetta, spaghetti, pizza, salmon starters and seafood ravioli.

Wine at sunset at Mirafiori

Another of Baveno’s lakeside restaurants, Mirafiori serves Italian food with a little imagination. On offer here, you’ll find seafood lasagne, pork ribs, shrimp in lemon sauce and swordfish, plus a lovely wine list for meals at sunset.

Modern elegance meets rustic charm at Last Hall

Last Hall might have the look of a sleek meets rustic eatery, but the cuisine here is exceptionally refined. From the regular tables or the strange wooden pod-looking booths around the sides, you can enjoy succulent pumpkin and beef, saffron risotto and roulade of pork. Just make sure you book in advance.

Happy hour at Locomotive VM

Locomotive VM covers your casual cuisine, with burgers and chips dominating the menu. You’ll also find pasta, steak, a long list of beer and wine, not to mention happy hour appetisers that are particularly popular with the locals.

Garden vibes at Ristorante La Ripa

Ristorante La Ripa is another one of Baveno’s scenic waterfront restaurants, tucked away in a stretch of tranquil garden-like surroundings. Here, it’s all about delicious steak, pasta with clams and gnocchi, followed by panacotta or tiramisu.