Tremezzo Holidays 2024/2025

Tremezzo is the idyllic town that defines Lake Como. Bathed in sun and steeped in history, it promises serenity and intrigue in equal measure thanks to its deep history including a magnificent tower, local walking paths and traditional places to eat and drink.

Tremezzo Holiday Deals

Mountains and lakes

Lake Como is among the most peaceful places in all of Italy, and beautiful Tremezzo is a big reason for that. It’s tucked on the western side of the lake, around the corner from luxurious villas and fine stately houses. The area is nicknamed the Azalea Riviera because of the abundance of azalea and camellia flowering plants that spill from gardens and balconies.

The town is framed against the pale Monte Crocione and trails wind their way up the peak. You can head out on a guided tour or can carve your own path on an engaging three hour hike. Don’t miss this chance to savour the sights from up high, although you’re just as welcome to take a boat trip out over the water if the more sedate style of touring suits you.

History and culture

The likes of Queen Victoria, Greta Garbo and Giuseppe Verde have each called Tremezzo their favoured place to stay over the years, and the gorgeous architecture of some of the more sprawling villas and hotels makes it clear why. Mixing everything from 17th to 19th century styles with timeless elegance makes the town just as much a source of eye candy as its surroundings.

One beautiful building you’ll find it impossible to ignore is the tower of Tremezzo, built in the chic style of medieval Italy. It’s a standing reminder of the fortress that was here in ages past. Nowadays, it’s the villas that entice, and a tour of the manicured gardens of Villa Carlotta is a brilliant preamble to its art collection.

You can also visit Villa del Balbianello, which is so lavish it featured in the film Casino Royale, and make sure you give the statue of the Madonna Nera at the Church of St Maria some appreciation too.

Out and about

Beyond the welcoming narrow streets of Tremezzo is an entire realm begging to be explored during your Italy holiday. The walks to the mountains are one thing, but another popular place to play is Isola Comacina at the heart of Lake Como. This island is uninhabited, which only serves to enhance its beauty, but is covered in lush forests that make wandering its woodlands enticing.

The mainland has plenty of woods to peruse too, of course, leading into verdant meadows and sweeping valleys as you follow the Greenway del Lago. That’s a 10 kilometre walk that laces its way through the most popular towns in the area. And it’s easy to hop on the ferry to visit the 18th-century terraced gardens in Bellagio or to relax in Varenna, with its pretty terracotta coloured buildings housing lakeside cafes.

Wining and dining

While nights out here seldom go further than local tipples, you’ll find Italy’s love of good food alive and well in Tremezzo. Just like its surroundings, however, many of Tremezzo’s restaurants keep things light and airy, so if you’ve itchy feet or restless youngsters you needn’t fret about a big sit-down meal during your holidays in Tremezzo.

Somewhere like Cantina Follie mixes it up by offering you either cosy cellar dining out of the sun, or the chance to eat on the terrace under the grapevines. Cold meats and cheeses on big sharing platters are the order of the day here, reminding you how Italian mealtimes are a communal affair.

Elsewhere, you can treat the kids to slices of the stonebaked good stuff at pizzerias like Balognett, or take things upmarket with your beau at Red & White Wine Bar 18. You’ll be sure to come away with some new viticultural knowledge even if you’re something of an expert.

For more traditional fare, head to Trattoria Rana, or experience fine dining befitting the villas surrounding you at Al Veluu. When dinner is done, stroll the waterfront by moonlight as mandolin music wafts the night air, and head back to the hotel to plan your next day of culture and cuisine in sunny, enchanting Tremezzo.


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