A guide to nightlife in Lake Como

You might expect nightlife during Lake Como holidays to be a classy and quiet affair, but actually there are quite a few places to let loose here. Excellent wine and cocktail bars are in abundance, alongside large all-night dance venues to keep your feet moving. All the bigger venues have outdoor seating areas, many of which are right beside the lake or even have a beach you can chill out on.

From the beach to the bar at Lido di Bellagio, Bellagio

Popular in the summer months, Lido di Bellagio is just that – a beach lido where you can book a private section on the sand or terrace for drinks night or day. However, it’s after the sun sets over the lake that things ramp up, and the resident DJ starts playing big tunes. On Friday and Saturday nights Lido di Bellagio attracts international DJs who up the game even further.

Music for all tastes at Orsa Maggiore Disco, Lecco

Going strong for 60 years, Orsa Maggiore Disco is open five evenings a week playing retro, house, commercial and Latin music across different rooms. The Latin American nights are hosted by Lecco Dance School, so you can learn some new moves.

Outdoor party and seating zones are right beside the beach and lake for moonlit moments. The entry price varies depending on whether you’d like drinks included but, is rarely more than €12, making this a favourite among those enjoying cheap holidays to Lake Como. Lecco also hosts special themed nights, including a Casino Royale New Year’s Eve party, for a little extra fun.

All aboard the Battello Bisbino Pub, Tremezzo

This former steam boat that used to sail around Lake Como has since been put to great use as a bar, serving cocktails and appetisers. As well as sitting and sipping drinks on the top deck accompanied by a cheese board, they hold regular live music and DJ nights with tasty buffets.

The Vintage Boat Party has music from the 70s to 90s, or you can sing along to karaoke. A wide drinks menu covers inexpensive local wine, colourful cocktails, and gin and tonic that’s served rather dramatically with fruit and every trimming you can think of.

Bands and DJs at Tartaruga Live Music Pub, Villa Guardia

For over 15 years Tartaruga – which translates as turtle – has been hosting live rock music. Every Friday and Saturday the bands take the stage, covering everything from a Pink Floyd tribute to blues bands, followed by a DJ set playing European disco, rock-pop and dance hits. They welcome groups for birthdays or stag and hen parties, also attracting everyone from rockers to students and dancing queens. If you keep to the bar’s slogan of ‘No Problems, Just Fun’, you’ll have a great night.

Monthly cocktails at Fresco Cocktail Shop, Como

When a cocktail bar has a menu that changes monthly, you know you’re in business. Expect tipples like the deluxe Cosmo, or the intriguingly named English Collins, which has rum from the British Virgin Isles and fruits of northern Italy. There are many more ingredients on the menu taken from the local area, while their real passion lies in creating something especially for you. Just name your favourite spirits and let them concoct something truly delicious.