Bellagio Holidays 2024/2025

Set against the backdrop of romantic Lake Como is the charming town of Bellagio. Bellagio’s tourism revolves around this body of water and its historic roots go all the way back to the Roman period. Go on a culturally rich walking tour and discover why this town is known as the ‘pearl of the lake’.

Bellagio Holiday Deals

Discover the grandeur of Lake Como

Bellagio, not to be mistaken for the Vegas hotel of the same name, has one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Italy. Set right on the waters of Lake Como, the town is surrounded by green mountains and lush forests. This lake-front setting does not go unused, and you’ll find several restaurants and cafes as you wander around its perimeter, ideal for grabbing a cold drink or ice cream on the go

Bellagio’s stone lanes and cobbled stairways have plenty of historic sights and activities to check out, but the main attraction of this town has got to be the water. The best way to experience it is to get out there for yourself. Boat trips are available to book, where local tour guides will enlighten you on the history of the surrounding towns as you head out onto the water to enjoy the views.

Tour companies also stop off at different towns along the way and offer lunch by the water, but if you’d rather enjoy your holiday to Lake Como at your own pace, Bellagio also has canoeing and kayaking rental facilities.

Learn about Bellagio's historic roots

Bellagio’s rich history dates back to the Roman period as it started off as a settlement. For centuries this town was fought over by various noble families and today Bellagio is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Lake Como.

If you have any history buffs in the family there’s more than enough spots to check out, including the Basilica di San Giacomo. This gorgeous church was built between 1125 and 1150 and inside you’ll find Romanesque sculptures and paintings dating back to the 16th and 17th century.

For more grandeur visit the i Giardini di Villa Melzi, a magnificent villa constructed in 1808 and built for the assistant of Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s a fantastic example of neo-classicism and you can tour the grand gardens and museum with views out over the water.

Pack a picnic and explore the gardens

The great outdoors is Bellagio’s biggest asset and the main reason Italy holidaymakers flock to this area. If you want to see more of its natural beauty during your Italy holidays, visit La Punta Spartivento. This scenic park is located right on the waters with incredible views of both Lake Como and the distant Swiss Alps.

It’s just a short walk from the city centre of Bellagio and you’ll find numerous benches dotted along the grass, and ideal spot to watch the water. La Punta Spartivento is at the very point of Bellagio, and makes for a great spot to bring a picnic or to try out one of the restaurants nearby.


If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ve come to the right spot. Italy is of course a nation of wine drinkers and Bellagio is no exception. Visit Enoteca Principessa, a winery in town, and enjoy tasting a variety of samples, from red, white and rose wines and other gourmet items like balsamic vinegar. Once you’ve found the bottle you’re looking for you can purchase it to bring it back to your hotel room, or Enoteca Principessa will ship it anywhere in the world.

Bellagio is a town of many talents, from its gorgeous scenery and historic landmarks, to the finer things in life like wine and culinary expertise. If you want to build your own cooking confidence and learn how to cook like an Italian, book a private cooking lesson during your Bellagio holiday.

Professional chefs will lead you on a culinary journey, making homemade pasta, gnochi, ravioli, breads, pastries and desserts. The ingredients couldn’t be more fresh, coming from the chefs’ own personal gardens, which you pick over a leisurely morning coffee. There’s several reputable cooking class companies ready and waiting for you here.


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