Pizzo Calabro Holidays 2024/2025

Want to book a holiday to Pizzo Calabro? Set in Calabria, Pizzo is a charming, friendly fishing village built on steep cliffs, overlooking the gulf. Whether you’re visiting Cosenza, Cantanzaro or Reggio Calabria, Pizzo holidays certainly live up to the classic Italian reputation, with tiny tangles of pastel-painted houses and narrow lanes. As well as delicious food, the town is steeped in history and culture. Located in Southern Italy, Pizzo is a joy to explore. An alluring and busy coastal town, Pizzo, and holidays to Italy will never fail to disappoint.

Pizzo Calabro Holiday Deals

Pirates of the Calabrian

You’ll find Castello Aragonese in Ischia Ponte, a gothic castle and one of the most enchanting of all Italy’s sights. Resting on its own rocky island, it looks like a cross between Mont-Saint-Michel and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Dating back almost 2,500 years, the castle was built by Hiero I, an oppressor from the Sicilian province of Syracuse. Erected in the 1400’s, Castello Aragonese was built to protect the city from pirates, who were thought to stow their money – and any prisoners they seized – in caverns along the seafront. Legend also has it that unusual escape and communication tunnels were dug, which lead from the castle to the town.

Quaint Beaches

The best beach in Pizzo is located near the marina from Piazza della Repubblica. To return to the old town centre, ascend the sharp slope to the piazza. If you’d rather avoid the climb, hop on a shuttle tuk-tuk. Near the marina is a quaint place to have some drinks or enjoy a quiet dinner while admiring the scenic beach and watching the sun go down. Meander along the pier for a terrific view of the sunset, a walk that’s a big hit with Italians. To get to Pizzo’s more secluded second beach, head through the gates to the right of the pier and follow the stony path in front of the cliffs. Be sure to take a walk to the palm-lined Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo.

The Famous Tartufo

Holidays to Pizzo wouldn’t be complete without tucking into an iconic tartufo. This huge ice-cream chocolate truffle, famously known as a gelato ball, has melted chocolate fudge sauce inside. It’s sprinkled with cocoa powder and hazelnut – a sweet-tooth’s idea of heaven. The cocoa-dusted dome was allegedly made here in the 1950’s to resolve a dessert emergency at an important banquet. It’s popular not only in Pizzo but also in countless other parts of Southern Italy. You’ll find cafes aplenty, serving up this delicious speciality. What’s more, you’ll encounter good restaurants and pizzerias in addition to numerous tasteful cafés and bars. You’ll no doubt make the most of your Pizzo holiday with an abundance of tartufo!

Steeped in History

Holidays in Pizzo go beyond beautiful beaches and delicious food. They’re also about culture and history. Head to the Church of Piedigrotta, a cave shrine built by a father and son to honour the Madonna. Located on Prangi Beach, just one kilometre from the old town, it’s nothing short of spectacular. According to legend, a group of sailors became caught in a horrific storm just off the coast of Pizzo and began to pray to the Madonna. Preparing for death, they unexpectedly found themselves washed up on shore with a painting of the Madonna. Thankful for their survival, they decided to erect a church grotto on every beach they washed up on.

Commemorate the Life and Execution of King Murat

Built in the 15th-century, Murat Castle is a fortress named after Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples and Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother-in-law. Murat’s life ended tragically after he was arrested and incarcerated for trying to salvage control of the kingdom. Sentenced to death in 1815, he was executed by firing squad in the main hall of the castle. Now, the castle has a museum that pays homage to Murat. Tourists can visit the castle and learn of his life through the many scenes and images on display throughout. From the castle’s terrace, you’ll witness incredible vistas of the gulf and the island of Stromboli in the distance.

Holidays in Pizzo will whisk you to the toe of Italy’s boot, where you’ll discover a duo of beaches, moreish views and must-have desserts. Famous for its sea and truffles, the coastal village is another gem in a string of wonderful seaside towns in Calabria. Are you ready to book your Pizzo holiday?


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