Capo Vaticana Holidays 2024/2025

Located in the Calabria region of Italy, Capo Vaticana is a haven for those looking for somewhere to soak up the sun and enjoy the refreshing sea in all its glory. There is so much history here, but much of it still lies undiscovered, with archaeologists and historians unable to come to a conclusion about exactly what the area used to be. Some say it was a Roman stronghold, others suggest it was a sacred place where priests and fortune-tellers lived side by side. The geologists are fascinated by Capo Vaticana as well, thanks to the glistening white granite that adorns the cape. All in all, Capo Vaticana is a beautiful, mysterious holiday destination for you to enjoy.

Capo Vaticana Holiday Deals

Deep-sea adventures

The sea is always a huge draw on Capo Vaticana holidays. It’s deep-blue, sparkling and so tempting that everyone who visits will want to at least dip a toe (and usually much more) into the water.

Why not dive in to some of the activities on offer, for a little added excitement? Water sports are high on the agenda for many people visiting the area, and with so many to choose from, including parasailing and jet skiing, you will always find something to suit you. There is even a scuba-diving training area so you can go even deeper under the waves and see what the sea is hiding under all that blue stuff. Or why not learn to sail and return home with a brand new skill to boot?

Beach time

Along with the sea, there is, of course, the beach. Grotticelle Beach is the most famous and popular in Capo Vaticana, and with good reason. The sand is luscious white and so very soft that lying there, listening to the waves lap against the shore, you will feel totally at peace. That’s one of the (many) reasons why so many people visit Capo Vaticana – it is a truly relaxing place to be. With its beaches and laid-back atmosphere, you will return home feeling ready to take on any challenge.

Get on your bike

A popular pastime on Capo Vaticana holidays is to hire a bike and head off to explore the area under your own steam. There is so much to see that you may need more than one day, so ensure you book enough time with your bike.

When you hire a bike, you’ll be given a map of the area and plenty of information to help you make the most of your day. Take a picnic with you and you will have everything you need for a memorable day out, immersed in some of the most dramatically-beautiful scenery in the surrounding area.

If you like the idea of exploring the sights in your own time, with the freedom to stop and enjoy the scenery, but cycling doesn’t appeal, don’t worry – you can hire a car, or even a quad bike for an exciting day of exploration.

Fantastic food

Holidays to Italy aren’t complete without a good sampling of the local cuisine. Italian food is known the world over for being as fresh as it is delicious, and it is often homemade. Capo Vaticana is a small place, but when it comes to food, the flavours are just as big as you would hope.

Within half a mile of Grotticelle Beach, you will find more than a dozen wonderful restaurants to choose from. Local cuisine is the speciality, and this is your chance to experience Italian food in the way it is meant to be eaten – freshly-made to old family recipes, using authentic, local ingredients.

Don't miss the sights

Capo Vaticana is a small, relatively undisturbed area of Italy, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to see here – venture just a little way out of the town and you’ll find museums, monuments, religious buildings, and views that go on for miles. Take a tour with a local guide, or head out on your own to see what you can find. There’s something to explore around every corner in Capo Vaticana.

For a quiet, relaxing place to be, Capo Vaticana is hard to beat, not least because if you do want to experience something a little more lively, you only have to drive a few miles to come across Tropea and Ricadi, where the tourist scene is a little busier. The beaches are beautiful and the locals are friendly – Capo Vaticana is a world away from home.


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