A guide to useful phrases in Goa

There are a number of languages spoken across the state of Goa. Konkani is listed as its official language and is the one most Goans speak, though Marathi is common as well. As Goa was ruled by the Portuguese until 1961, older generations still speak Portuguese too.

On the whole, you shouldn’t have much trouble if you haven’t mastered Konkani, as English is commonly spoken in Goa, especially in towns frequented by tourists. If you want to gain some points with the locals by speaking in their native tongue, here are a few basic phrases to help you get by. The translation given is how you’d pronounce the words.

Common Goan phrases

Hello/good morning – Deu boro dis dium
Goodbye – Bare melya aani kennai
Good evening – Deu bhori ratr dhium
Yes – Vai
No – Na
Please – Maashe
Thank you – Deu bhorem khorun
I’m sorry – Makka maaf kari
How are you? – Koso asa? (to a male), koxi asa? (to a female)
Excuse me – Matsha aikta
My name is… – Mhaje naav…
What is your name? – Tujhe naav kitte?
I don’t understand – Makka kalna
Do you speak English? – Tumi English ulayta ve?
I don’t speak Konkani – Mhaka Konkani ulovchak yena


One – Ek
Two – Donn
Three – Teen
Four – Char
Five – Panch
Six – Sah
Seven – Saat
Eight – Aatt
Nine – Nau
Ten – Dhas

Out and about

How much is…? – Hakka kitle paiso/duddu…?
Where is…? – Kha-y…?
Can you get me a taxi? – Maka ek taxi haadshi?
Open – Ukde
Closed – Bund
Money – Paiso/duddu
Do you take credit card? – Tu credit card ghetam?

Eating out

Meal – Jeavonn
Hot – Hunn
Cold – Thand
No ice – Borof naka
I want… – Maka zai…
I am hungry – Maka bhook lagleah
I am thirsty – Maka taan lagleah
I am vegetarian (I do not eat meat) – Havn mavns khai-na
I don’t want it spicy – Maka tik naka
I’m finished – Megele jalle
It was delicious – Javan mast/bhari laik ashile
Food was not good – Javan kai laik nashille

Food and drink terms

Water – Udak
Bottled water – Baatlen udak
Fish – Masoli
Prawn – Sungata
Vegetables – Randhe-kai/bhaji
Cashew – Kajjubi
Sugar – Sakkar
Salad – Pachadi/kosambari
Curry (liquid) – Kolombo
Noodles – Shevayi
Butter – Loni
Tea – Cha
Coffee – Capi
Potato – Batato
Onion – Kando
Tamarind – Chinchaamba
Fish curry – Xit koddi
Coconut – Naarlu
Chili – Mirsang
Vegetable stew – Khatkhate
Salt – Meet
Pepper – Mire