Bambolim Holidays 2024/2025

Goa’s Bambolim is the kind of place you visit out of curiosity. It has a diverse reputation, catering to holidaymakers of all kinds and a perfect place to discover yourself and a slice of Indian heaven. It’s the kind of place you visit when you want peace and tranquillity one moment and a buzzing party scene the next. Bambolim has it all, and it has it for everyone. Choose Bambolim and your holiday to Goa for a unique and interesting break.

Bambolim Holiday Deals

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

The weather in Bambolim is incredible. Combined with its amazing beaches, you have a wonderful destination ahead of you when choosing to holiday here. The sand is golden – just the kind of sand you imagine when you think of the best beaches. The sea couldn’t be better in terms of swimming either; the waves are calm, ideal for even the most timid of paddlers.

Bambolim Beach itself is nicely secluded and fairly private compared to other tourist traps in the area. Here you can stroll, sunbathe and swim with few people around to disturb you.

Breath Taking Views

Bambolim, Goa is located in the north of the country. From the coast you can enjoy unbroken views across the water. Simply sitting and looking at the coastline is enough to achieve a relaxed and contemplative state. Although the views are far from famous, they are still very special. Enjoy the vistas as one of a handful of tourists to ever have the privilege.

The Party Scene

After spending a day on this wonderful stretch of beach, gazing at the view or splashing around in the sea, partying might not be on your mind. However, it is one of the biggest draws for people booking Bambolim holidays – this place is about peaceful days and wild, fun nights.

Calangute is where you can find the most exciting beachfront bars and clubs, as well as a number of restaurants catering for visitors. You’ll be able to take a fun ride in a tuk tuk or enjoy waterspouts during the day. It’s a world away from quiet, tranquil Bambolim, and that’s what makes holidays to Goa such a great idea.

Natural Beauty

Bambolim, Goa is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Once you begin to really explore it – by getting away from the beach and the main streets – you’ll see exactly what it has to offer. The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is an area of conservation, designated a Global Biodiversity hotspot. This means that it focuses on protecting rare animals, including Bengal tigers, slender lorises, and pangolins.

You will also discover Vazra Falls, the most spectacular waterfall in Bambolim. Vazra Falls drops 143 metres, and the sound of the crashing water is something to behold. If you’re lucky and have a keen eye, you might even be able to spot long-billed vultures. These creatures are on the critically endangered list, and this Goan waterfall is one of the only places they can be found.

Eat Well

Goan cuisine is packed full of intense flavours, and if you’re looking for somewhere to taste them, Bambolim and its surrounding areas are the ideal spots. Much of the traditional food incorporates pork, vegetables, seafood, coconut, spices (locally grown), and is served with rice. Fish is the superstar of most meals in Goa, but there are plenty of other choices too. Due to Goa being a popular tourist destination, there are a variety of different restaurants focusing on cuisines from around the world.

Bambolin is a special kind of place with a varied and vibrant reputation. It is the epitome of relaxing beauty as well as a party scene that goes on and on (and on). The food is intense, and if you are looking to experience a true sense of what Goa has to offer, Bambolim is the ideal place.


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