A guide to nightlife in Baga Beach

At Baga Beach, once the sun sinks behind the waves, the party’s on. Tito’s Lane, just a few steps off the beach, sparkles with some of the most extravagant nightclubs that you’ll find during holidays to Goa. Multitudes of beach shacks also turn their venues from chilled bars into oceanside raves.

Iconic party at Club Tito's

The original nightclub in Baga Beach, Club Tito’s has defined Goan nightlife since its inception in 1971. It continuously dishes out top notch nights, bringing in world-renowned DJs to play over its always-packed dancefloor, and never leaving the crowd disappointed.

Tito’s legendary presence even gave its name to the main party strip of Baga – Tito’s Lane. The massive two floor complex blares Bollywood and Top 100 songs while serving up drinks from several bars. If you choose one spot to go out and experience the local nightlife on Goa holidays, make it Club Tito’s.

Dance until dawn at Cocktails and Dreams

Just down the strip from Club Tito’s is a new hotspot, making its way up the rankings of Goan nightlife. Cocktails and Dreams delivers classic Bollywood numbers and serves – as you’d expect – tasty cocktails throughout the night.

With no laws regulating the time you can get a drink in Goa, Cocktails and Dreams continues to pour until dawn, staying open when other mega nightclubs have closed. With its late hours and fantastic atmosphere, it’s a party-lover’s dream come true.

Beach raves after dark at Cock's Town

After you’ve experienced Tito’s Lane, wander down to the beach and hop from party to party by the ocean. Several fabled beach shacks turn from food vendors to full on extravaganzas at night – Cock’s Town is one such shack. It throws ultimate techno parties packed with travellers and locals alike.

From Cock’s Town, other shacks are easily within reach, so consider popping in and out of beachfront parties to get a well-rounded Goan nightlife experience. Britto’s and Shining Star Beach Shack are two popular options, with St. Anthony’s deserving an honourable mention for its lively karaoke nights as well.

Party in the street at Cape Town Cafe

Known as one of the ‘Big Three’ on Tito’s Lane, Cape Town Cafe is a restaurant bar by day, street party and club by night. When the inside gets too packed, the festivities overflow onto the street, allowing you to drink up under the stars.

Of the venues on Tito’s Lane, Cape Town is regarded as the most laid-back. Because of its spacious dancefloor, the club never feels overcrowded, even when it pulls in fabulous international DJs. Two-for-one drink deals keep the fun going through the night.

No last call at Kamaki

When the other clubs turn off their lights, it’s time to turn up at Kamaki. Meaning hustler in Greek, this all-night venue has two bars playing an eclectic mix of music. The outdoor section – a retro-themed bar – throws it back with old school tracks and live retro bands from 6pm until midnight.

Inside, you’ll discover a different world, with a massive air-conditioned dancefloor and a steady pulse of commercial, trance, and house music. Several restaurants stay open nearby to serve late-night snacks, making fuelling up for an all-night affair a breeze.