A guide to food and drink in Baga Beach

Goa holidays offer the chance to try some traditional Indian cuisine, alongside a few new flavours. A mingling of cultures is evidenced in the unusual fusion foods of Baga Beach‘s fine dining restaurants and the vast combinations of cuisines readily available on menus across the area. Restaurants on and near the beach also stay wild and dish up a range of treats from Indo-French fusion to on-the-beach barbecue.

Exploring Baga Beach's delicacies

Of course, there are three major food groups that you’ll find during holidays to Goa – fish, curry, and rice. Crab meat is a particular favourite here, as well as seafood platters and grilled meat with plenty of spice.

Worldly options at Jamie's Restaurant

Jamie’s sits along the main drag of Baga right off the beach, dishing up world cuisine in a casual diner setting. Kick back in their garden courtyard and choose from Indian, Asian, Chinese, British, and Italian. If that doesn’t quite do it, they throw in fresh seafood and an entire barbecue selection for good measure.

Somehow, even with so much variety, Jamie’s still manages to keep the emphasis on quality. At affordable prices, it’s hard not to find a meal that satisfies your stomach and your wallet here.

Traditional beach fare at Britto's

Look no further than Britto’s for your next meal on the beach. Bustling with a constant flow of sun worshippers, swimmers, and travellers looking for lunch on the sand, you won’t have to go far for delicious curries, seafood or spring rolls.

While you can find a quick fix here in the day, Britto’s lights up at night – literally and metaphorically – with colourful lights decorating the joint and live entertainment. Buy your table a round of cheap drinks and join in some karaoke.

A taste of South Africa at Go with the Flow

Consistently ranking as one of the best restaurants in Baga, this upscale local favourite infuses South African flair into its global dishes. Just a step off the beach, try Chef Steff’s pumpkin pasta or sear your own steak under the helpful guidance of the expert waiting staff.

For dessert, relish in a Goan coconut cake with mango puree or simply skip to sipping mimosas from the well-stocked bar. You can soak up stunning views over Baga Beach from the lounge terrace to finish off an enchanting night.

Endless options at Shining Star Beach Shack

Out of the many food shacks lining Baga Beach, Shining Star tops the list. With its offerings covering a range of international cuisine and plenty of cheap drinks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this beach eatery and self-proclaimed pub.

The attentive staff strive to cater to your requests and deliver delicious food directly to your table. It earns its name as a shining star among competitors and as one of Baga Beach’s best shacks.

Crazy flavour combinations at Le Poisson Rouge

Adventurous diners and food-savvy travellers need look no further than Le Poisson Rouge. Unrivalled in creativity, this upscale restaurant is an adventure for your tastebuds. Mixing traditional Indian cuisine with the flavours of France, it has pioneered its way to the top of fine dining in Goa.

The bizarre-yet-chic combinations will shock your palette, but in a pleasant way. Order a buffalo mozzarella samosa and gaze at the stars as you delight in the restaurant’s culinary genius. After food you can unwind under coconut trees in the elegant and intimate atmosphere with a glass of wine from the extensive wine list.