A guide to food and drink in Arpora

Nestled just back from the west coast of India, the village of Arpora has grown as a tourist attraction for those booking holidays to Goa in recent years. As the area develops, so too does its cuisine. Influences from Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia continue to filter into the food being served here as multi-cultural restaurants become the norm.

Exploring Arpora's delicacies

The village does remain traditional at heart, with many establishments in Arpora serving delicacies that use local Goan ingredients. The fish is freshly-caught from the Indian coast, and the area’s rice is grown in the picturesque fields that stretch across the village.

An abundance of flavours at Rasa

Rasa welcomes you to an exciting new experience with its blends of Middle-Eastern, Italian and Chinese flavours alongside Indian. Freshly-cooked upon ordering, the extensive menu is generous to all customers with its broad range of vegetarian alternatives to the meat and fish options.

Set near the Baga Riverbank, Rasa is ideal for a relaxing meal in the height of summer with its cosy outdoor seating and excellent variety of cocktails. If you’re in the mood for a non-alcoholic beverage, then their homemade limonana is ideal for cooling you down after a long, hot day.

A European touch at Baba Cafe

The familiar flavours of France are never too far away in Arpora if you stop off at the Baba Cafe just east of the Baga river. The most delectable French pastries are all baked here in this charming cafe that’s ideal for filling you up before a day at the beach.

Enjoy their vast selection of croissants accompanied by some freshly-ground coffee or creamy hot chocolate as you take in the scenic views around you. If you fancy something a little more filling, then one of their generously-topped thin-crust pizzas is exactly what you’re looking for.

Save on the Rupees at Pink Chilli

With its vibrant decor and delicious food, the Pink Chilli is definitely worth a visit. Set at affordable prices, the restaurant introduces you to the vibrant flavours of the country with its wide variety of traditional food – the likes of which has helped to put Goa holidays on the map.

For an authentic taste of India try the Pink Chilli fry, one of their many street food starters, or save yourself for the Gulab Juman to have as dessert. A curry is a must when visiting India and the Xacuti there is beautifully spiced and prepared. These options all make excellent accompaniments to some freshly pressed juice or traditional Indian chai tea.

Dive into the ocean at Sai

Seafood is the hot topic on the menu at Sai family restaurant with their exceptional Goan Fish Thali that’s a hit with tourists and locals alike. Try it with a cool glass of white wine and take a load off.

Sai is marked as one of the more affordable dining experiences in Arpora, and is easy to spot by the intersection of Marinha Dourada and Anjuna Road. The relaxing ambience and air-conditioned seating upstairs make this spot ideal for anyone hoping for an easy meal out.

A taste of home at Nic n Nat's

If you’re looking for a meal away from the wonderfully exotic tastes of India, then Nic n Nat’s has got you covered. Their British and Italian inspired dishes are prepared with care and craftsmanship.

The locally-sourced Goan Roast Beef is a beauty of a dish that’s best enjoyed with a nice bottle of red – the Sante Shiraz perhaps. Nic n Nat’s Lasagne al Forno also goes down a treat, though make sure you save room for some classic chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert.