A guide to food and drink in Reykjavik

Iceland holidays are the perfect opportunity to sample some exotic delights, and the capital is a cosmopolitan culinary treat. Here you’ll find restaurants serving some of the finest local foods and forgotten Nordic dishes of yore, together with contemporary meals and sleek international delicacies.

Exploring Reykjavik's delicacies

On the traditional side of things are interesting customary foods, like Skyr. It’s eaten the same way as yoghurt back home, yet actually is a soft, creamy cheese high in vitamins and proteins while containing almost no fats or sugars.

As far as bigger main courses are concerned, you can expect plenty of pork, lamb and fish, accompanied by stewed vegetables. You shouldn’t pass up the chance to try the street food as Reykjavik is home to the pylsa hot dog, made with lamb sausages for a distinctive flavour.

Take a look at some of our favourite Reykjavik venues, and start planning your culinary tour.

Eat by sunset over the harbour at Kopar

Reykjavik’s harbour is supremely pretty, cupped by mountain peaks on the horizon and with water that shines in the moonlight. On the edge of the harbour, warm lights will lead you to Kopar, where seafood reigns a varied menu. Tuna rolls and fine wines make for a well rounded evening, but for many, it’s the tasty crab soup that really gets mouths watering. A hot meal while watching the boats bob in the harbour is always a great way to round off your day’s adventures.

Enjoy some Italian romance in Caruso

The great flavours of Italy are yours to enjoy at Caruso, a family-owned restaurant where Rome’s finest flavours are prepared to delight you. Pizzas, pastas, meats and salads form a menu that leads gently into tiramisu and affogato finishers, making a well-rounded night out as intimate as it is delicious. You’ll find that couples make a beeline for this place, and its gentle surroundings give us a great insight as to why.

Relax with the exotic taste of Bambus

Asian cuisine is famous the world over, from the timeless versatility of noodles to the spices, herbs, skewered meats and dim sum that define Eastern flavours. All of these delicious treats come together under the roof of Bambus. Here, visitors and Reykjavik locals enjoy some exotic classics before moving on to a cocktail menu that superbly sets up your evening’s coming adventures. Meanwhile, your surroundings are defined by the latest in Far East chic, so don’t be surprised if you feel like your trip to Iceland has taken a stunning detour to the furthest reaches of the Orient.

Define your ideal dish at Hereford Steakhouse

Everyone enjoys their steak a certain way, and at Hereford Steakhouse – named for the flavoursome beef produced in Herefordshire in England – they’ll cook it to your exact specifications. From super rare to well done and everything in between, you can eat lamb, beef, pork and poultry that’s perfectly tuned to your tastebuds, all in warm, stylish surroundings. It’s not often you find a place where every customer is treated as an individual, but Hereford Steakhouse always does its utmost to get every order perfect, every time.

Soak up vintage style at Prikid

Prikid is well known as a nightlife venue where cocktails flow like water, but don’t think the story ends there. It’s grown over the years from a humble coffee shop into a fully fledged 1950s diner rich in Americana, so you can stop by for an egg and bacon brunch in the morning, fill up on some hot java, then come back for a late lunch of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. The sublime vintage style of Prikid see its popularity remaining constant throughout the years, and among the locals, its breakfasts have become the stuff of legends.

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