Best hotels in Reykjavik

The proud capital of Iceland is a northern dream, where brisk breezes curl around sublime architecture and where culture and fun linger around every corner. The city’s heartbeat is one of community spirit as much as modern comforts, and that shines through with particular strength in its hotels. From the upmarket to the downtempo, we’ve put together a few of our favourite Reykjavikhotels to explore when taking advantage of our great range of Iceland holiday packages.

Alda Hotel

Affordable sophistication is at the core of Alda Hotel, which offers sleek rooms and hearty breakfasts as part of its charm. An indoor gym and on-site barbershop keep visitors looking trim in every sense of the word, while the chocolate shop entices you with rich, luxurious European treats. What’s more, the hotel is located in Reykjavik’s busiest and most vibrant shopping district, so expect to enjoy days filled with bargain hunting when staying here.

Grand Hotel Reykjavik

Popular with young professionals and tourists looking for modern surroundings, the Grand Hotel Reykjavik towers high over the city’s impressive skyline. Beyond the great views, the rooms themselves are set out with thoughtful colours and decor, featuring big beds that soothe you after a long day of exploration. For further rejuvenation, look no further than the spa facilities, where massages and saunas melt aches and pains away.

Skuggi Hotel

Nestled in the city centre, Skuggi Hotel is an especially good choice for those of us looking to stay close to the action at all times. The layout of the hotel is another fantastic example of the contemporary Nordic chic that Icelandic interior design does so well, with rooms that provide comfortable retreats across the board.

Storm Hotel

The evocative name is backed up by this Storm Hotel’s design, which takes its cue from the Icelandic landscape. Here, modern rooms mesh with powerful pictures of grand waterfalls and the Northern Lights. Storm Hotel is well located close to the shopping district, while its food and drink options are as well known for their flavour as the generous portion sizes.

Reykjavik Lights

Modernism and traditional values are fused together at Reykjavik Lights, which takes inspiration from the mythic surroundings of Iceland’s sweeping hinterlands. As the name suggests, the theme of the hotel is the effect of the ever-shifting lights on Icelandic life, making a stay here as educational as it is rejuvenating.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

A lively, rustic ambience runs through every detail of the well-situated Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina, whose colourful furniture is tastefully offset by raw wooden panels and furnishings. The hotel celebrates Reykjavik’s relationship with the sea, although you can rest assured that the spacious rooms and hot meals will leave you warm and dry throughout your visit.

Borg Hotel

You’re going to feel like you’ve stepped back in time once you get inside the art-deco interior of the stylish Borg Hotel. However, the evocative style of the place is backed up by modern comforts aplenty, with a popular cocktail bar and ample fine dining options. What’s more, the Borg Hotel is situated in the cultural epicentre of Reykjavik, so you’ve plenty of history and architecture to encounter on your doorstep.

Cabin Hotel

With all those artistic hotels around town, you might instead want to keep things simple. That’s where the low-key charm of the Cabin Hotel comes in, offering affordability and all of the essentials. Rooms are cosy, the bar is well-stocked and the food is good too, while the location gives you access to the city’s waterfront just minutes away.

CenterHotel Midgardur

Located right in the middle of it all, the bright windows and fine furnishings of CenterHotel Midgardur showcase Iceland’s modern style. It has a contemporary bar and restaurant, as well as rooms that offer slick city views. It’s all about having somewhere to hang your hat between adventures, and the staff at this hotel consistently deliver on making everything just so for you.

Fosshotel Reykjavik

As the largest hotel in Iceland, it goes without saying that this stylish 16-storey monolith dominates the skyline, yet it’s far from intimidating in doing so. A favourite among those booking holidays to Iceland, this sensational accommodation in the heart of the commercial district thrums with its own life and vitality and includes a popular beer garden, a well-stocked restaurant and a rustic pub within. Add gym and spa facilities to the equation, and it’s practically a holiday within a holiday.