A guide to the best restaurants in Laganas

Prepare to be amazed with the restaurants on offer during Greece holidays. Menus in Laganas just about cover all four corners of the world. Mexican, Greek, American, Italian, Indian – you name it, they have it. Most restaurants offer a blend of cuisines, but don’t let that put you off – what they do, they do well, and will have you questioning just what part of the globe you’ve found yourself in.

Just-caught seafood at Seaside

The aptly-named Seaside restaurant is – you guessed it – just along the seaside, equipped with an open-air deck and sunloungers are free to use. The menu here is the picture of Greek, with fresh seafood treats like mussels and squid, plus classic dishes like souvlaki and chicken stifado – not to mention a complementary drink of your choice to close out the meal.

No-fuss gyros at Panos

Panos is another Greek spot, offering no-fuss eats with a whole lot of flavour. You’ll find expertly cooked gyros, chicken and pork souvlaki and pizzas. It’s set a little inland, but that just means you’re a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, and will therefore enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere.

Saucy burgers at Cool Peppers Restaurant-Beach Bar

This chic spot enjoys plush seating on its outdoor patio facing the sea, and dishes whose first priority is tastiness and second is presentation. The restaurant’s cocktails are worth the stop alone, but if you’ve got time for a full meal, the menu here branches out from traditional Greek, though they have that too. Here, you can expect comfort-food favourites like a Jack Daniels burger, chicken panini and an ice-cold milkshake.

Late night kebabs at The Sizzlebang Grill

You’ll be hard-pressed to find something not to your liking at the Sizzlebang Grill. It’s set up like a takeaway spot, but you can stay for a while in their large seating area. The menu covers a wide range of dishes, from classic gyros in pita bread to crepes and ice cream, pizza to pasta – and midnight kebabs.

Full English breakfasts at Jimmy's Place

Jimmy’s Place is another restaurant that covers it all. It’s an unassuming spot with televisions for watching in-demand football matches and a drinks list to match. Their breakfast menu will have you starting your day with a full English, while the burgers, pizzas and gyros keep you going throughout the day.

Tiramisu at Friends

Not the Rachel and Ross type, but close. Friends features cuisine for every meal of the day, including a full English breakfast for next to nothing. They serve traditional Greek eats like souvlaki and moussaka, as well as pastas and fish and chips to keep things varied. But it’s their desserts that really entice holidaymakers, with tantalising plates of strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu.

Unlimited cocktails at The Island Restaurant

This restaurant’s street-side patio is so sweeping, it feels like its own island. You can come here every night of your holiday and still find something new to try – the menu ranges from Mexican to Greek to Italian, with spicy fajitas, meze meals for two and T-bone steaks. They also offer an unbeatable special that’ll give you unlimited drinks for just €15 – perfect if you work up a thirst on your cheap Zante holiday.

Spicy chicken at Peri Heaven

Peri Heaven adds another culinary style to Laganas’ already varied dining scene. If you like Nando’s, you’re in for a treat, as this is essentially the Greek version. Peri Heaven specialises in spiced chicken, served in a wrap or as a whole fillet. You can even get it from a hanging spit, accompanied by hand-cut chips.

Retro eats at Chevy's Diner

If you thought the food in Laganas couldn’t get any more diverse, you were wrong – it even has a retro American diner. You’ll know you’ve found Chevy’s when you think you’ve been transported back to the 1950s, with a chrome exterior and neon-lit bar. The menu follows suit, with buckets of chips and mountainous burgers, creamy milkshakes and a long list of cocktails.