A guide to the best restaurants in Alykes

If you’ve spent the day either sightseeing or chilling out on the beach, you’ll also want to pass some of the evening on your Greece holidays sampling the local cuisine. Whether it’s upscale dining or just a simple snack from a small taverna, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the picturesque resort of Alykes. Restaurants in Alykes range from the very small local traditional tavernas to those with a more international cuisine. Transport between hotels and restaurants is horse-drawn carriage, so if you’re coming here on your holidays to Zante, you’ll definitely have an evening to remember.

Fresh fish served at the Potami restaurant

Outdoor dining’s the biggest asset of this restaurant. You can sample a wide array of seafood, from squid to sea bass, or if you prefer you can indulge in one of the many salads and side dishes suitable for vegetarians. These can all be washed down with a glass of the local wine or ice-cold lemonade.

Relax in the sun at Paradosiako

Sitting on the water’s edge sipping a drink and tasting some local delicacies sounds idyllic, but this restaurant in Alykes makes it a reality. The menu is extensive, which can mean it’s hard to make a decision because you’ll want to try the lot. Ask for a taster meal to get a bit of everything. To ensure you get a table outside it’s important to book in advance of your visit.

From English to Greek food at Fidelio Restaurant

Dining out can become quite a challenge, but Alykes has a great selection of bistros, restaurants and cafes to choose from – and Fidelio’s won’t let you down. You can try a full English breakfast to set you up for the day, or a plate of freshly-caught king size Mediterranean prawns with salad and dips. Whether you want to be inside or outdoors, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the day drift by.

Romantic views from the Fishalida restaurant balcony

If you’re in the mood for a romantic meal, try the Fishalida restaurant for some succulent seafood. You could also sample a mix of local delicacies such as beef stifado served with hilopittes – egg pasta – and you have the the option of more conventional dishes such as meatballs in a tomato sauce, too.

Sit and dream outside the Anatolikos restaurant

Sitting on the terrace of this gorgeous restaurant will make your holiday worth every pound. With views across the azure sea and its beaches, you can sit and sample some of the restaurant’s wonderful meals. It’s advisable to book a table just in case – you wouldn’t want to miss an amazing meal.

Sample the delights of the Taverna Asteria

Picture the image – you’re lying on a sunbed looking across the bay, knowing that all you have to do to order your meal is ask a passing waiter. This is the reality of dining at Taverna Asteria, whether you just want to eat some simple fare or something more rustic. The chef’s happy to cater to a wide range of tastes.

Music and food at the Yria Bar

Find everything you need to enjoy a cheap Zante holiday here, from breakfast to late-night parties. Early in the morning you can have a much-needed coffee while soaking up the sun on the balcony. If you’re a sports freak you can also watch all your favourite games, whether football in England or netball in Germany.

Good food and low prices at the Mediterranean Restaurant

A family-run restaurant providing quality food and amazing service. The food is succulent and fresh and kitchen staff use fresh local produce to cook up their delicious meals. On a hot day you can sit inside and make the most of the air conditioning, or sit outside and add to your tan.

Authentic Greek cuisine at the El Greco restaurant

The authenticity of this restaurant will make you want to come back and keep trying the local food. The decor has recently been refreshed, and makes for a very relaxing feeling. The menu includes stuffed peppers, spicy chicken kebabs and a wide variety of succulent traditional dishes originating from many areas of the Mediterranean.

Fast food at Denni's Diner

You might not always want to sit in a restaurant to eat your meal – maybe you’re in a rush to go sightseeing. Most of the food outlets in Alykes will allow you to order a meal and take it away. Denni’s Diner serves barbecue ribs with a side dish or a chicken gyros plate and a wide selection of local and European snacks. All of this and you are still within metres of the beach, handy should you change your mind and decide just to relax.