Smaragdi II Studios

Located in the quaint family surroundings of Golden Beach, the Smaragdi II Studios provides a rustic, yet contemporary setting for your holidays to Thassos. Adorned with fertile shrubbery and traditional architecture, you’ll find yourself just minutes’ walk from a Blue flag beach, where you can sunbathe and soak up the local atmosphere. You have access to a pool via a neighbouring hotel pool, which also has a bar and plenty evening entertainment. Smaragdi’s quaint setting and awe-inspiring hilltop views make it the perfect destination for a quiet romantic break. It’s located a short walk from the Golden beach resort, where you’ll find a range of authentic Greek bars, restaurants, and international cuisine. Access to Thassos island is readily available by ferry from the mainland, making it easy to escape the tranquility of the surroundings – if you really want to.

Overview of Golden Beach, Thassos

Journey to the understated Greek island of Thassos, the twelfth-largest island in the Ionian Sea and discover an island that’s managed to keep its authenticity over the years. Today, it still possesses the rustic appeal, warm climates and beautiful beaches that holidays in the Mediterranean are renowned for. Discover the eastern shorelines of Thassos and soak up the sunshine on Golden Beach, while staying at the Smaragdi II Studios. One of the smaller Greek islands, Thassos offers the perfect blend between contemporary hospitality, artisan cuisine, and beautiful Greek heritage. Visit Thassos today for the perfect holiday to Greece.

Things to do in Thassos

Although Thassos remains one of the smaller of the Greek Islands, your stay at the Smaragdi II Studios will still be filled with plenty of exciting activities alongside all the serenity. Your accommodation is located just metres away from the vibrancy of Golden beach, where you’ll find a selection of bars, restaurants, water sports and daytime excursions. Looking for something a bit more scenic? The Monastery of Panagia and the crystalline waters of Marble beach ensure you’ll get your fair share of authentic Greek culture and natural beauty. Visit the island of Thassos for a true glimpse of Greece’s undisputed beauty.

Resort Summary

Golden Beach is a laid-back and charming resort on the east of Thassos, well suited to those who crave a tranquil Greece package holiday with the odd injection of adventure. While it’s the perfect place to unwind and lounge in the sun, there are also plenty of opportunities to dive into local history and culture and take part in exciting excursions. Overall this makes Golden Beach a prime location for cheap holidays to Thassos.

This photogenic coastal town delivers peace and quiet without sacrificing a multitude of amenities. The area is packed with tavernas and restaurants serving up traditional, authentic Greek food and a selection of sumptuous, fresh seafood. Be sure to include at least one moonlit walk along the beach in the evening after dinner.

A day trip to the capital of Thassos Town, also known as Limenas, will see you taking in many archaeological sites of interest such as the ancient Agora, Acropolis and the island’s main museum.