Samos Bay

The designers of the Samos Bay built the hotel into the shape of an amphitheatre, so it makes the most of the views out to sea. Every single room has a balcony that faces the horizon, so you can watch the spectacular sunset on an evening.

There’s no pool at this place, but if you want to swim, head to the beach where the waters are clear and calm.

The buffet restaurant is traditionally Greek. As well as piling your plate high with local cuisine, you can dine in view of the Aegean Sea. There’s also a cafe towards the beach that serves snacks during the day.

Overview of Samos Town

Samos Town is very popular with people looking to catch some rays on their holiday to Samos, as there are several beautiful pebble beaches close to the shoreline. The harbour also creates the perfect setting for cafes and restaurants.

The fantastic port just down the road from the Samos Bay also provides you with easy access to mainland Greece, so it’s easy to explore.

Things to do in Samos Town

It’s all about the location at the Samos Bay. The secluded, semi-circular bay is just across the road from the hotel and it’s also only a few steps down to the pebbly beach.

The island is known for its wine, and there’s a museum dedicated to it in Samos Town. You even get a free tasting after your tour. If you’d like to learn more about the island’s past, head to the Archaeological Museum or drop in to the Byzantine Museum.

When you fancy an evening out, Samos Town’s waterfront bars and restaurants are only a 15-minute walk away. There’s a meal to suit every taste, as well as plenty of local wine!

Whether you’d rather explore or relax, you can do plenty of both in the beautiful Samos Town.

Resort Summary

Samos Town is built like an ancient amphitheatre, with the sea as its natural stage. This harbour creates a perfect setting for numerous cafes and restaurants, and at night this whole area comes alive. The winding hilly streets that dominate the town are perfect for exploring and contain many fascinating antique and other shops. With its wonderful mix of neo-classical architecture and vibrant bars and shops, Samos Town caters for all visitors’ tastes.

You can either stay in one of Samos Town’s many hotels for your Samos holidays or rent an apartment – the town has plenty of options. From the very new to the more traditional type of accommodation, Samos Town is an ideal base for those who simply want to stay in this attractive port, or who wish to explore the whole island.

Keen sailors will love the facilities on offer from the Samos Nautical club and will be able to experience the thrill of sailing in the beautiful water of the Aegean Sea. If you love hiking, spend some time exploring the beautiful hills and countryside that surround Samos Town.

This fantastic port also gives you access to mainland Greece, and ferries run regularly.