A guide to the best restaurants in Trianda

Trianda is a small and relaxed town on the west coast of Rhodes, boasting the rustic style of tavernas and restaurants that holidays to Greece are known for. Sitting among the quaint streets are some real gems like Kostas Restaurant Ialyssos, sports bars like Alkionis or the gourmet style cooking at Le Gourmet.

Plentiful dishes at Pegasus Restaurant

This place is the one if you’re really hungry! They serve huge portions, but the quality is excellent and doesn’t do itself a disservice. So you get great value, but also a wide selection of Greco-Mediterranean fusion dishes. There’s a good atmosphere too.

Bright setting at Kostas Village Taverna Ialyssos

Kostas Village Taverna Ialyssos is a seriously fun-looking taverna, with enough bright colours and off-kilter features to shake a stick at. So if you’re one for a quirky Greek experience, you could do much worse than Kostas Village. Thankfully the restaurant is much more than a fun canvas of colour, it also serves top quality Greek food in large amounts. Go for the lamb chops, the stifado or the souvlaki.

Food and drink at Alkionis Sports Bar and Grill

If you want to catch a game, then there’s a decent chance Alkionis will cover it. You can also shoot a bit of pool, play some air hockey or, of course, grab a bite and a drink. The menu is quite varied for a sports bar, serving steaks, gyros, burgers and other Greek, American and British dishes. They serve cocktails made with fresh fruit, and of course a good mix of beers and lagers.

Guilty pleasures at Kostas Restaurant Ialyssos

Honestly the food here just looks fantastically good. You really ought to head here for a guilty-pleasure style Greek night. They serve gorgeous fillet steaks, gyros, pizzas, kleftiko, and once again, they’re very generous portions. The place boasts a great atmosphere and Kostas is fun owner.

The Glory Days Sports Bar and Grill

Another great sports bar in Trianda, this place offers all sorts of sports on TV all year round. But it’s more than just sports, there are also plenty of drinks, tasty cocktails, fine alcoholic drinks and beers. Food-wise, there’s food to fit its pub aesthetic, with British, American and Greek dishes. If you fancy it, go for the bacon double cheeseburger, it’s divine!

Head To Patty's Lounge Bar Restaurant

They serve all sorts of cuisine styles at Patty’s, and although they may appear unassuming dishes, they pack a real punch of flavour and quality. Not only that, but Patty’s Lounge Bar Restaurant boasts a lovely beach side view, complete with a patio area to unwind on and drink or dine under the sunset.

Gourmet food at Le Gourmet

As the name evokes, Le Gourmet serves pristine classic and contemporary dishes to a high quality. Consider one of the daily specials, the mussels, one of their wonderful steaks and the fresh prawns. Top it off with the house wine and you’re onto the winner.

Lovely setting at Pezouli Greek Restaurant

Definitely worth a visit during holidays to Rhodes. The menu is extraordinarily varied, serving Greek to Italian and everything in between. Maybe plump for the schnitzel for a bit of a change, or the souvlaki, fresh pasta and grilled fish. It’s a lovely setting too.

Upmarket dishes at Coconut

Coconut is a wonderfully upmarket eatery serving up a fine mix of Greek, Mediterranean and international dishes. It’s great food but reasonably priced considering the haute-cuisine style quality. Go for the fish souvlaki and calamari, the house white and you’re good to go.

Watch the sport at Sebastian's Sport Bar

Saving the best till last? Maybe. It’s definitely a great bar with an especially friendly staff. Meal sizes are generous, and the menu itself is varied, offering dishes from all over Europe and America, with gluten-free options and plenty of grill choices.