Rafael Studios

With a stay at the Rafael Studios, you get a peaceful setting and gorgeous views of the Lindos Acropolis.

This hotel has a backdrop of mountains and craggy greenery, which helps to provide an authentic Greek feel. This is helped further by the simple bedrooms that come with stark-white walls and mahogany furniture. A balcony or terrace allows you to make the most of the scenery.

Outside, a large stone terrace is home to the hotel’s pool. It’s a good size and its rectangular shape means it’s perfect for swimming lengths. There’s also a bar out here where you can get drinks and homemade specials if you’re feeling peckish.

Overview of Lindos

Lindos is big favourite with people looking for holidays to Rhodes because of its beachside location and its backdrop of hilltop ruins.

Home to two sandy beaches, top hotels like the Rafael Studios, historic structures such as the Lindos Acropolis and a surprisingly lively nightlife scene, a stay here will keep you entertained from sunrise until sunset.

Near the front, restaurants provide cuisine from around the world, so you can spend your days relaxing on the beach before enjoying a beautiful meal.

Things to do in Lindos

From the Rafael Studios, you can see down into the centre of Lindos, so it’s easy to plan your route. A walk to the resort centre will only take you 10 minutes, plus it’s all downhill. During the day, bars and tavernas here offer local foods and chilled drinks. In the evening, there’s a thriving nightlife scene including nightclubs, late-night tavernas, cocktail bars and pubs.

If you fancy a day at the beach, then just carry on a little bit further from the resort centre. There are two fabulous beaches to explore down here. To the north, there’s Pallas Beach, which has a water-sports centre and plenty of golden sand. To the south, there’s Saint Paul. The beach here is a mixture of sand and pebble. It’s quieter and slightly more rural, so it’s a great spot if you’re looking to relax.

Back up in the hills, you can explore the Lindos Acropolis and a temple that honours the goddess Athena.

You’ll feel like you’ve hit the holiday jackpot when you visit Lindos. Jam-packed with history, culture and beaches, you’ll leave with the holiday smile you always dreamed of.

Resort Summary

Lindos may be a small resort but it’s jam-packed with plenty to see and do. Historical ruins, a lively nightlife scene and tons of restaurants and shopping venues make it one of Rhodes’ most popular holiday hotspots. This resort is located right by the coast and has a stunning backdrop of hilltop ruins. Lindos is determined to keep this town a historical and cultural site, and has recently passed a preservation order to help maintain the kind of whitewashed charm and narrow, cobbled streets that so many of us imagine when we picture holidays to Greece.

This town has a complex history, with Roman, Turkish, Italian and Byzantine rulers all making their mark on its landscape. Today, you can spot floors made from chochlaki – smooth black and white pebbles – throughout the small streets, and several of the old churches scattered throughout Lindos are decorated with elaborate frescoes of Biblical scenes. History is everywhere.