A guide to the best restaurants in Faliraki

Faliraki is a party hotspot, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from while you’re on holidays to Greece. Head to Kostas Village Taverna Faliraki for some homely taverna-style cooking, or for something slightly more upmarket head to Manolis Taverna. Alternatively, grab a tasty Kebab on your evening out at Kebab Bros or some ice cream at Pagotmania Gelato Cafe.

Fun vibes at Desert Rose Faliraki

Head to Desert Rose if you want a real Mediterranean night of dining and atmosphere. Fronted by owners Syrios and Vassa, Desert Rose delivers fantastic value with exceptional quality of food and real variety on the menu.

Exciting Greek dishes at Manolis Taverna

Manolis Taverna serves up some lovingly adventurous Greek nosh for visitors and locals alike. Try the kleftico, or the geminista – tomatoes and green peppers filled with beef, rice served in a delicious sauce – and the lovely house wine. It might be busy, but service here is fantastic.

Home-style taverna cooking at Kostas Village Taverna Faliraki

If the heady mix of drink and revellers get too much in downtown Faliraki, Kostas Village Taverna is the place to go. It’s a taverna, so delivers fantastic home-style cooking along with good prices. The taverna itself is set up in a chirpy, bright faux-village style and the food is non-fussy. Delight yourself in Greek island holiday classics such as kelftiko, souvlaki and gyros. Well worth a try.

Variety at Something Different

They serve up a nice variety of dishes at Something Different, from international cooking to the more local- style dishes you’d expect. Consider the chicken fajitas or the gyros. This place is very welcoming to kids too, with a small playground available.

Devilishly good Food at Mousikorama

Mousikorama ticks a lot of boxes regarding value for money, quality and atmosphere. If you’re in Faliraki for a limited time, then it ought to be up there in your list. They serve Greek meze, small dishes that can be shared accompanied with traditional Greek music.

Tasty steaks at Opera Steak House

Opera Steak House is a fantastic, child-friendly option if you want a bit of change from the usual Greek offerings. As the name suggests, it’s a steak joint, the best in Faliraki at that. Try the sirloin steak with pepper sauce, or the fillet, but they also do Greek dishes too.

What a treat at Pagotmania Gelato Cafe

Something a bit different in Faliraki, is the delightful ice cream parlour, Pagotmania Gelato Cafe. The ice cream is made on the premises each day, they serve numerous flavours and it’s all done with fresh milk. Expect reasonable prices, friendly staff, and airy and bright decor too.

International delights at Alabama Bar Diner

Alabama Bar Diner serves up the cheeky, slightly guilt-inducing international food that you’ve been craving whilst staying in Faliraki. From stacked-high burgers to lovely gyros, seafood, sandwiches, all sorts. Well worth it for a break from the norm. Wonderful bar too.

Scrumptious fast food at Bros Kebab

They do simply awesome kebabs and burgers at Bros Kebab, probably the best in Faliraki. This is the perfect option if you want top-quality cheap and cheerful. They grill the meat that goes into your kebab fresh, its only €2.50 to boot.

Off the beaten track at Toula Taverna

A lovely little place with fantastic food and good service. It’s a bit away from the rest of the restaurants, but that’s not a bad thing as sometimes in Faliraki the need to have a break can be too much to resist. It’s a family-run restaurant with friendly service and a classic Greek menu.

Classical cooking at Greek Spirit Restaurant

Serving generous portions of Greek classics like souvlaki, tzatskiki, pitta and stifado, Greek Spirit is a must on this list if you fancy an authentic meal. They’re super friendly here and the atmosphere here can be raucous, be prepared for a little bit of plate smashing at times. Yamas!