Holidays to Perdika 2024/2025

Holidays to Perdika are for you if you love traditional scenery, tranquility, and spectacular views. Perdika Greece is a small fishing village near Greece’s West coast and is the perfect destination for you to visit traditional tavernas and bars, while soaking up temperatures as hot as 30 degrees in the summer months.

Perdika Holiday Deals

Things to do in Perdika

The main square in Perdika transforms every August with parades, street performances and even bonfires in the three day long Festival of Olives. The Greeks love to celebrate their most popular export (olives!) so you can browse the street markets by day and be having yourself dance parties by night. 

The spectacular beaches of Perdika will call for you, where you can enjoy the delightful waters. In particular, you can enjoy the bath-warm water at Arilla beach with a 600m stretch of golden sand and handy facilities. 

A 20-minute drive to the North will take you to the village of Sivota, a friendly village directly opposite the beautiful island of Corfu. While just down to the South you’ll venture into Parga town with plenty of excursions, day trips, and activities waiting for you.

Eating in Perdika

A holiday in Perdika guarantees tasty food and drink with plenty of small traditional tavernas and bars. You can be sure to enjoy a vast variety of fish delicacies, as well as some of your favourite home staples like pizza. 

Lots of restaurants in Perdika will have you dining while looking out at mesmerising views so you can tuck into decadent dishes while watching the sunset with your loved one. A Perdika holiday is perfect for a romantic trip for two.

Luxury holidays in Perdika

Holidays to Perdika are the epitome of that picture perfect destination, the kind of destination you imagine on postcards with colourful buildings, white cobbled stone streets and gorgeous blue waters. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday, Perdika is certainly the one.


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