A guide to food and drink in Parga

Parga is located on mainland Greece‘s western coast and is a sleepy affair, with tavernas, restaurants and cafes clinging to the hillside that offer great views of the Ionian Sea. Indulging in the local foodie scene is one of the most popular pastimes in Parga, and as a result the town has no shortage of excellent eateries catering to all appetites, tastes and budgets.

Exploring Parga's delicacies

Traditional Greek fare such as souvlaki, moussaka and kleftiko dominate the menus, but its idyllic position on the seafront means it enjoys unrivalled access to all of the ocean’s bounty. Red snapper, sea bream and red mullet are all popular catches alongside Gabari shrimp and eel. The region is also famed for blatsara – similar to an onion pie – and dried, salted fish roe known as Avgotaraho which can fetch up to 600 Euros a kilo.

The cucumbers and tomatoes grown around Parga are so delicious they’re shipped across the rest of Greece, so you can expect to enjoy some of the best salads in the country here. A few other popular dishes include chicken with red wine sauce, bean soup, baked Red Snapper with garlic sauce and Sea Bream with celery.

Fine dining with a sea view at Aegis Dine & Drink

The proprietors of Parga’s olive oil factory also own Aegis Dine & Drink and use some of their products in the food preparation. When someone invests so much time and effort in gastronomy, you know they’re serious about food. The portions at Aegis might be a little on the smaller side, but the food is exquisitely prepared, fairly priced and served with diligent care and attention.

What’s more, its harbour-side location makes for a relaxing backdrop to your meal.

A romantic sunset dinner at Restaurant Romantica

If you’re looking for a more tranquil alternative to the bustling marina where you and your partner can enjoy a romantic meal, Restaurant Romantica is a fair bet for a special candlelit evening. Perched on the summit of the hill overlooking the town, this place serves delicious food and astounding panoramic views of the bay.

An eclectic menu and huge portions at Gemini Restaurant and Pizzeria

Feeding a family can for some parents feel like feeding an army – if that’s the case, come to Gemini to fill up on hearty, home-cooked dishes from across the world.

Though the restaurant specialises in local dishes, it also doubles up as a pizzeria and even includes a few options from further afield. The enormous portion sizes will make sure you all go away satisfied, without breaking the bank. Just remember to bring your appetite.

The best coffee and desserts in town at Motley Coffee Sweet

All that lazing on the beach and staring into shop windows can be exhausting. If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, Motley Coffee Sweet serves frappes, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and all other manner of caffeine delights, as well as an extensive array of cakes and sweets. Plus, the homemade ice cream is the talk of the town and often draws a queue that extends around the block.

Upmarket haute cuisine at The 5 Senses Restaurant

The 5 Senses might be slightly pricier than some other options in Parga, but the step up in ambience, service and food quality is immediately noticeable. From the mini bottle of ouzo which greets your arrival to the magnificent presentation of each and every succulent dish, The 5 Senses represents a real fine dining experience in an elegant setting. Portion sizes are fairly generous, as well. Why not push the boat out – you’re on holiday after all.