A guide to food and drink in Kefalonia

Kefalonia serves up a form of Ionian cuisine that’s heavily influenced by the kitchens of Austria and Italy, as well as the Greek mainland. This can be seen on the majority menus across the island but it’s certainly not the only thing you’ll find. Dotted about are also pizzerias, European and Asian restaurants, and even a few places for British food.

Exploring Kefalonia's delicacies

A staple dish on holidays to Kefalonia is kreatopita, a specially-cooked Kefalonian meat pie that often contains up to three different kinds of meat. Plus, those who have their heart set on a moussaka, kleftiko or souvlaki will be able to find all of the famous favourites in pretty much every taverna on the island. Mezzes – large tasting boards, reminiscent of a tapas platter – are a perfect way to sample many different delicacies at once, while ouzo is a common accompaniment to any meal and Greek wine is growing in popularity all the time.

Alfresco courtyard dining at Casa Grec

Located in the capital of Argostoli, Casa Grec has a lengthy and varied menu with regularly rotating specials. The food is cooked to perfection and the service faultless, but perhaps the main attraction at Casa Grec is the outdoor dining area. Chic and trendy decoration enhances the natural beauty of the garden, while the candlelit surroundings after sundown lend the spot a magical aspect.

Superb seafood on the beach at Avithos Preview Taverna

One of two tavernas located right on the beachfront in Avithos, the Preview Taverna excels in seafood, but can hardly be said to disappoint in any other area. The restaurant produces its own olive oil and wine, both of which have claimed awards for excellence. It’s also a great place to try Kefalonia’s famous kreatopita pie. If you’re lucky, you can even round off the meal with seasonal orange pie to get a unique Ionian culinary experience.

An upmarket affair at The Olive Lounge

The town of Lourdas boasts some very stiff competition when it comes to great restaurants, but The Olive Lounge might just take the top prize. Tastefully decorated and ably staffed, the place has an irresistible charm that is felt as soon as you walk in the door. The view over Lourdas is unbeatable, while the mightily impressive way in which the chef turns traditionally heavy dishes such as moussaka into light delights is a real wonder.

An enchanting evening with a view at Lorraine's Magic Hill

Lorraine’s restaurant is perched on the incline of a steep hill and at a slight remove from the town of Lourdas. However, the extra effort it takes to reach it is made worthwhile by the vista alone. Providing the best views in town, the family-run restaurant doesn’t disappoint with its dishes, either. A significant amount of the ingredients come directly from the garden and a nearby farm owned by the restaurateurs. There is a good selection of food to satisfy both meat-eaters and vegetarians, which is not always the case in Greece.

The authentic Greek experience at Apostolis Taverna

Tucked up a quiet side street, Apostolis lays on a real Greek banquet for their patrons in a tranquil setting away from the hurly-burly of the main road. In fact, the views onto the back garden will almost make you feel like you’re not in the bustling tourist resort of Skala at all, but rather a quaint country farmhouse. Despite its slightly remote location, this restaurant is always very popular during high season, so if you plan to eat after 8pm, a reservation is essential.