Fiskardo Holidays 2024/2025

Fiskardo is a historic and stylish town on Kefalonia’s northern tip. It’s known as the St Tropez of Greece holidays, as A-list celebrities and personalities hang around here. The beauty of the town ensures visitors fall in love when they visit, while the beaches and quaint tavernas help seal the deal.

Fiskardo Holiday Deals

Famous yachts and small fishing boats

Fiskardo, like neighbouring Assos, is unique as it was left undamaged by the earthquake of 1953, meaning the original architecture has remained. Its beauty attracts well-known personalities who frequent the stylish hangouts here.

Candy-coloured, Ventian-style houses are dotted around the harbour, which is filled with small fishing boats as well more grand vessels. In fact, Chelsea FC’s owner Roman Abramovich has been known to park his yacht in the harbour.

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  • Best Restaurants
  • Dining culture

    Fiskardo boasts some of the most amazing restaurants on the island of Kefalonia. Elli’s serves top quality Greek, seafood and international fare all with a spectacular view of the sea. The rabbit stifado and the souvlaki are much loved and a must at this restaurant.

    Beyond Elli’s, there are a decent number of cafes and restaurants to choose from when eating out in the town. Down by the waterfront, there’s a mix of family-run affairs serving traditional Greek food and cafes like Le Passage that serve a wide array of comfort foods.

    After dark

    As a small fishing village, nightlife is limited in Fiskardo but you can still have a good time in the evenings. Hotels put on entertainment, but mostly the night is about enjoying a fantastic meal and polishing it off with a well-earned Mythos beer. There are a couple of late-night bars and a small nightclub outside of town should you fancy a bit of dancing.

    Go for a dive or a snorkel

    Should diving or snorkelling be your thing, you’re well served in Fiskardo. There are a couple of diving centres down by the port in Fiskardo, and you can choose from a selection of reef, wreck or cave diving. You’ll be able to see for 40 metres at points here, and in the water you might be able to spot starfish, turtles and octopus.

    Emblisi Beach is a 20-minute walk from the village, and is a great spot for a snorkel, thanks to the clear water and rocky coves that attract interesting marine life.

    Do a little shopping

    The village’s streets are lined with patisseries and boutiques selling Mediterranean-style jewellery, ceramics and stylish beachwear. There are a handful of gift shops should you want to get someone back home a little something, as well as the usual mini-marts for important essentials and beach gear. Should you want a bit more choice, the capital Argostoli is a 90-minute drive southwest.

    Sand and pebble beaches

    Fiskardo itself has a little pebble beach by the harbour and the area is served by another couple of beaches that are well worth a visit. You can head to Foki Beach, another pebble bay surrounded by tall forest. Or nearby Emblisi beach has fine white sand suitable for lazing around on, and beautiful azure blue water, to take dips in. There is much debate about which are the best beaches in Kefalonia, but it’s safe to say that Fiskardo offers some real gems.

    The Robola Wine Festival

    The local dry white wine, Robola, is on every menu in town. It’s been produced locally for over 700 years, and is only made in Kefalonia. So the wine festival, which is held in Fragata’s central square an hour from Fiskardo, is an important event for the whole island. There’s lots of free wine, music, dancing and souvlaki to enjoy.

    Wander around the harbour

    Dotted along the harbour-front are a number of cafes and bars filled with special delights. Theodora’s Cafe Bar is a mainstay of the Fiskardo cafe scene due to its wonderfully creative selection of coffee, ice-cold beer and cocktails. A particular mention should go to their life-affirming mojitos. They even do nibbles and snacks like omelettes and club sandwiches.

    Places to go nearby

    The primary destination to head to from Fiskardo is Argostoli – the modern and cosmopolitan capital of Kefalonia – which is an hour and a half away. Argostoli is a real treat with its abundance of culture like museums and libraries. The waterfront features palm trees and a bunch of busy fishermen going about their work. Other nearby places include the fun island of Zante and the beautiful island of Ithaca, both reachable by boat.


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