Royal Hotel and Suites

Centred around an enormous pool and generous terrace of loungers, the Royal Hotel and Suites has clearly been designed with guests’ needs in mind. Bedrooms are all balconied, to take advantage of the picturesque setting, and are furnished in a fresh and modern style, offering comfort and relaxation in equal measure.

Close to the village centre and with a bus stop just a few metres from the front door, the hotel is well positioned, especially in terms of fast access to a gorgeous beach. Kids are catered for perfectly, with plenty of outdoor games to enjoy, and the buffet restaurant is able to ensure that everyone has a few options to choose from.

Overview of Polichrono

Holidays to Halkidiki might not be a sentence that rolls off the tongue but they are definitely worth looking into, as the piquant mix of beaches, ancient culture and show-stopping food is too good to pass up.

Polichrono, home to the Royal Hotel and Suites, is charming traditional fishing village that time almost forgot, with a long beach being the main attraction. Quiet and tranquil, visitors like to pass the time by sunbathing, walking around Roman ruins and taking their time over sumptuous meals in pretty little tavernas. The nightlife here is slow-paced and child, so you won’t find any pumping nightclubs in the area.

Things to do in Polichrono

Leave the pool scene at the Royal Hotel and Suites and you can trade a terrace for the beach, with Polichrono boasting a 7km stretch of sand tat has multiple Blue Flag awards to its name. The water is so clear that diving and snorkelling are highly recommended beach-day activities, but you can try your hand at something a little less languid, too, such as jet skiing.

A nature reserve and various ruin sites make for a varied day of exploring on foot, and the folklore museum is definitely worth a visit before you head off in search of sustenance. International cuisine is available, but the traditional tavernas are where you should head for a taste of authentic Greece. Shopaholics will need to head to Hanioti, as there are few boutiques in Polichrono, although some sweet souvenirs can be found.

Quiet, traditional and a charming window to the past, Polichrono is a masterclass in why Halkidiki is so popular with holidaymakers, and encourages true relaxation.

Resort Summary

A series of beaches make up seven kilometres of continual fine white sand, three of which have Blue Flag status for excellent conditions. Staying close to town you can make use of the sunloungers and parasols or walk further to find a more peaceful patch of sand.

The clear water in Polichrono makes spotting sea creatures easy either by snorkelling on the surface or diving deeper. Other beachside activities include canoeing, jet skiing, and hiring pedalos.