A guide to food and drink in Halkidiki

The growing number of tourists who visit Halkidiki on cheap Greece holidays every year has encouraged a selection of restaurants that continues to introduce foods from all corners of the globe. There are relaxed family-friendly venues with sea views, as well as cosy choices where you can enjoy romantic dinners.

Exploring Halkidiki's delicacies

While the fondness for traditional Greek meals of all kinds is very apparent, one thing holidays to Halkidiki are famous for is the seafood. Prawns, mussels and fresh fish are waiting to grace your plate, while vegetarian options take in some of the best salads, cheese and halloumi that Greece can offer.

Try dolmades, otherwise known as stuffed vine leaves, made with ingredients such as rice, pine nuts, mincemeat and herbs. And don’t miss a classic moussaka, which can be a meat or vegetarian dish with layers of aubergine, tomatoes and onions.

Authentic Greek cuisine and cheesecake at Marigoula, Polygyros

Marigoula is locally owned and serves local food proudly. The flavours on offer speak for themselves, with pork steaks and chicken dishes complemented by quail. Among the delights on the extensive dessert menu, the cheesecake is famous.

A city trip to Polygyros on your holidays to Greece would be incomplete without this place on your itinerary. And while the venue itself is small and cosy, the big personalities running the show will bowl you over. Marigoula’s history stretches back as far as the 1970s, although modern presentation garnishes every plate here.

Catch of the day at Kritikos, Ouranoupolis

Mussels and other shellfish start off a delicious selection of dishes at Kritikos, with fresh fish making up much of the menu. Even so, there’s much more to this place than the treasures of the deep. Bouillabaisse, paella, risotto and other European signature dishes grace a menu that has won recognition from gastronomic experts the world over.

The management are dedicated to sourcing and using local ingredients in every dish, which means that the flavours speak for themselves. And the relaxing style of your surroundings makes Kritikos a sublime experience. Here warm browns mingle with cool whites, all offset by big modern windows letting in light. As an added extra, there’s a gallery and boutique connected to the restaurant, so you can wine, dine and shop all day.

Ouzeri Tsapari, Pefkohori

Ouzeri Tsapari is renowned for its hospitality, taking pride in fast and polite service, together with generous helpings. From massive platters of grilled seafood to pasta dishes piled high, right through to piping hot steaks and ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce.

The cool blues and soothing whites of the decor are evocative of the sea, which is appropriate, because you have the opportunity to sit by the shore and watch the waves over lunch. To further immerse you in the authentic Greek hospitality that this place has in such abundance, there’s frequently live music being performed.

Soboro Beer Bar & Restaurant, Afitos

If you’re in the small port town of Afitos, you can get a cool beer and a hot meal at Soboro. Traditional meals, mezze and salads complete a pretty varied menu, while the modern-yet-rustic surroundings make every visit feel like a homecoming.

You can really feel how Soboro represents the heart of the community, in the frequent local musician performances and gift shop full of local crafts and foods for you to peruse. But it’s also in the smiles of the people and the warmth of their generosity. You can even borrow a bicycle from here for free – customer relations don’t come much finer than that.

Macaroni, Savi

Macaroni is a restaurant that adds to its Greek menu with a huge range of Italian treats. The stonebaked, handmade pizzas are some of the finest you’ll ever try, and the wine list and range of pastas completes an authentic Italian experience with a keen Greek twist.

There’s a huge garden for you to enjoy your meal in, sheltered from the sun by cool white gazebos. And the view of the marina gives ample opportunities to people watch. You might want to save room for one of the glorious desserts they specialise in here like chocolate covered cheesecake with blackberries.