Articles about Halkidiki

Planning a holiday in Halkidiki? Browse our articles to pick up some insider tips. From a guide to the seasonal events you’ll find throughout the year, to family outings, we have plenty to help you get started. There’s also an overview of Halkidiki’s adventure activities for all you adrenaline hounds.

What's the weather Like in Halkidiki?

You’re in for a treat when you book a holiday to Halkidiki. It’s a region of mainland Greece that thrives on the best of Greek culture, and because it’s only recently been spruced up for tourism, everything feels new and fresh.

Adventure activities in Halkidiki

The Greek peninsulas that make up Halkidiki offer subdued holidays for relaxing by the stunning shores. There are also lots of opportunities to learn about the history of the area, explore its natural beauty, or just get active if you’re feeling restless on the beach.

Things to do with kids in Halkidiki

If your idea of holiday heaven is a peaceful base offering interesting things to do with the kids, give Halkidiki a try. This north-eastern section of mainland Greece is split into three peninsulas, each with a very different flavour.

A guide to Halkidiki's seasonal events

Visiting Halkidiki any time of year is going to afford a certain onslaught of sun and sand, plus ample amounts of relaxation. That’s just the way of life out here. But if you come in the summertime especially, Halkidiki’s sleepy little resorts are transformed into performance venues, with open-air amphitheatres tucked up along the waterfront and traditional bites of Greek food.

Villas vs Hotels in Halkidiki

When it comes to holidays in Greece, countless travellers are turning to the charm and sunshine of Halkidiki. The distinctive three-pronged peninsula, as it looks on the map, boasts some sublime shorelines, together with the dramatic Mount Olympus close at hand. Temples, restaurants and small town cafes by the sea round off this destination splendidly.