Afitos Holidays 2024/2025

The traditional village of Afitos is a laid-back destination for those looking for relaxing Halkidiki holidays. Perched on top of a hill, the village is within easy reach of the beach, providing ample opportunity for lounging about in the sun. Or you can spend your cheap holidays to Halkidiki exploring the village’s narrow, cobbled streets and then sitting at a local taverna, enjoying lazy days with fantastic views over the sea.

Afitos Holiday Deals

Just chilling

Afitos has a fantastic reputation for the range and quality of its bars and tavernas. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a long cocktail or you want a three-course meal, you’ll be able to find a venue to suit your needs.

NOTOS is the type of beachside bar that defines a holiday. With live music, fantastic cocktails and stunning views, this is a bar where you can truly unwind. Open during the day for drinks and meals, at night the tempo notches up with music pumping out so you can really let your hair down.

There are also an amazing selection of bars and tavernas in the centre of the village. Places like Imeros and Fortuna serve delicious food, snacks and exciting cocktails. Imeros also regularly plays host to live musicians during the evening.

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  • Exploring the village

    Spending some time simply exploring Afitos itself is a fantastic way of chilling out. The village dates back to the 19th century and its architecture is unique in this part of Greece. In the centre of the village stands the Folklore Museum, which holds collections of utensils, pottery, costumes and photographs showing what life in the village was like over 100 years ago.

    As well as the exhibits of everyday life there’s also a collection of shadow puppets that belonged to a famous puppeteer who used to live in Afitos. The museum is also home to local contemporary artists and hosts photography exhibitions throughout the year.

    The local church, dedicated to St Dimitrios is the only domed church in the region and is well worth a visit. Here you can admire the art and spend a few minutes of cool calm before venturing back out into the scorching sun.

    Local festival

    Anyone planning package holidays to Halkidiki in Afitos in late July and August is in for a treat, as this is when the Afitos Festival kicks off. Expect to see Greek dancing, enjoy wonderful street food and also admire the excellent exhibitions of street art.

    Afitos is a pedestrian-only village so it’s easy to just wander around and really become immersed in the sights and sounds of the festival. There are also theatrical displays running right through the event, as well as demonstrations of both classical and contemporary music.

    An important day in the Greek calendar is 15th August, which marks the annual celebrations of St Mary. You can expect to see lots of dancing, feasting and general exuberance.

    The neighbourhood

    Even though it’s tempting to stay in the luxury of your All Inclusive Halkdiki resort for the duration of your holiday, the villages around Afitos are also well worth exploring. Just 10 minutes away to the north is Nea Fokea, famous for its Byzantine Tower and fortress. The village is also close to a spectacular nature reserve.

    Take up a new interest

    Sailing is synonymous with this side of the Kassandra peninsula and staying in Afitos will give you access to sailing trips and boats you can hire to set your own course. These trips aren’t simply restricted to the daytime, you’ll also have the chance to sail off into the sunset, cocktail in hand and just drift out to sea.

    If you’ve ever fancied catching tuna or octopus, now’s your chance, as early morning fishing trips are also on offer. Or charter your own boat and see where your imagination, and the breeze, takes you.


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