A guide to things to do in Kotu Beach

Popular for its wonderful coastline, Kotu Beach is a paradise for a relaxing holiday to Gambia. With most activities in close range to the sandy shores, you’re never too far away from a few hours lounging in the sun. The town also comes to life in the evenings with plenty of parties and entertainment held on the beach throughout the year.

Forget all your troubles at the beach

The delicious 30°C heat through most of the year makes Kotu Beach a fantastic place to spend a day relaxing on the white sand on a Gambia holiday. Enjoy a book as you top up your tan or take a stroll and dip your feet in the water.

When the heat gets too much there are several bars and restaurants along the coastline where you can grab yourself a chilled drink under a shade to keep you going. If you have a busy schedule planned for your Gambian holiday, then some time relaxing on the beach is well-worth pencilling in.

Become a novice birdwatcher

Gambia is home to over 500 species of bird, many of which can be found nesting in Kotu Beach. The mixture of coastal and woodland habitats makes for an eclectic mix of wildlife, offering plenty of opportunities to snap some exciting photos that you can show off to everyone back home.

The most prominent locales in the area to spot birds are by Kotu Stream and the cycle track, where species like sunbirds, silverbills and nightjars make their home. You can find these and many more just by wandering around, so spend an afternoon stroll enjoying the sunshine and see which winged creatures you cross paths with.

Pick up something special at Kotu Craft Market

The craft market along Kotu Beach gives you a perfect opportunity to find something to commemorate your time in Gambia from the wide array of souvenirs and gifts available. Spice up your decor with one of the wooden-craft figures or antique masks on display, all lovingly hand-carved for that authentic touch.

If you want to immerse yourself in the area’s rich culture, the superb range of African and batik clothing is a great way to start. There’s even regular music in the evenings provided by the Kunta Kinteh band, who will teach you how to play the djimbe drum if you ask.

Get a hole in one at Fajara Golf Club

The Fajara golf course on Kotu’s border is open to anyone looking to practise their putting skills on holiday. With 18 holes to try your hand at, it’s a great activity for injecting a little competitive spirit between your friends and family.

There is food and drink on-site that you can enjoy after a game, as well as a swimming pool if you wish to cool off with a few lengths. The course’s proximity to the coast makes a game of golf an ideal morning activity before a quiet afternoon spent on the beach.

See more of Gambia on a day tour

For a thorough tour of the area the locals are the best people to turn to. Look out for accredited trip specialists in the area – there will be plenty to choose from.

Activities on offer include trying your hand at cooking an African meal with a local family, or learning how to play the djembe drum – a very popular instrument in this part of the continent. Anyone interested in seeing wildlife has an excellent choice here with trips to nearby animal reserves that include lions, zebras and rhinos.