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Cape Point

Cape Point Holidays

This town is so-called because of its pointed coastline looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. The sands, restaurants and bars of the beach make Cape Point holidays a great choice for fun and relaxation.

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Two great Gambian towns

Cape Point is the northern half of the town Bakau. Between the two, there are fantastic natural attractions as well as excellent shopping and dining options.

Stay in accommodation that is based right on Cape Point's beach and make the most of the spacious and smooth sands every day. For the days you want to explore Gambia, knowledgeable tour guides are on hand to lead you through the wilderness, coming across exotic surroundings and rare animals.

With hotels that cater for kids, Cape Point could be a great choice for a family holiday. Take it slow on the African beach or adventure together through the rivers and forests of this fascinating land. It's all waiting for you on Cape Point holidays.

Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Dalasi
  • English, Mandinka,Wolof and Fula
  • GMT - None

Beach by your hotel

Cape Point Beach is a long and wide space just waiting to be utilised by sun thirsty tourists. The soft white sands are dotted with plenty of sunbeds and parasols available to rent with plenty of shrubbery and palm trees lining the beach behind.

The beach remains spacious and calm, getting a little busier on Sundays when locals come to soak up the sun too.

The sea can get a little choppy so swimming too far out is unadvised but there are plenty of places to drink and dine nearby when you want to take a break from the sands.

Botanical Gardens and Crocodile Pools

Activities are available within your hotel with a good offering of sports and spa treatments. Outside of your accommodation the town of Bakau has some fun attractions that utilises Gambia's nature.

The Bakau Botanical Gardens feature the very best of Africa's plant life. The gardens are well-kempt and walkways around the grounds take you through archways of vibrant greens and by walls of colourful floral displays.

If you'd like to witness the wilder side of nature then stop by the Katchikally Crocodile Pool. This attraction features more than just the snappy creatures; there are history presentations, interesting wildlife areas and natural pools. There are around 100 crocodiles in the park in total that roam free so you can actually interact with the dangerous creatures with the help of experts' supervision and guidance.

Bar and restaurants

Cape Point features beachside settings to make the most of the sunny sands throughout the day and into the evening. The Ocean Bay Hotel is home to a terrific rooftop terrace restaurant where you can enjoy the warm ocean air every night.

There is a wider choice in Bakau and you can easily make the walk from your resort into the neighbouring town. One For the Road Bar welcomes in international guests to try Gambian cuisine, drinks and entertainment while many other venues like Calypso, Sunshine and The Big Tree are restaurants that also serve as a bar later on.

Bakau’s markets

Not only can you shop for local items on holidays in Cape Point, you can also try the locals' shopping experience at Bakau's nearby markets.

The Bakau Craft Market is a good place to purchase handmade crafts and ornaments with real African personality. The Bakau Fish Market is based by the beach where local fishermen bring their catches straight onto the market stalls. This is a popular utility used by locals and will give you an insight into the Gambian culture. For the most part you'll be expected to partake in a bartering match so be prepared to stand firm on a price.

Africa and Asia

There is a range of African and Asian flavours to taste around Cape Point and Bakau. Gambian cuisine is served up by local chefs in beach bars and restaurants while other themed places present Chinese and Indian options.

From the outside the Calypso Bar & Restaurant looks like an unassuming mud hut but it is a fantastic place to soak up the sun and try local delights. The garden dining area out back sits by a pool that is home to small crocodiles so you can keep an eye on the cold blooded creatures while you eat.

Small accessible town

After landing at Banjul Airport inland it will take over 40 minutes to reach your accommodation at Cape Point.

Cape Point is a small town and it is easy to reach the beach and nearby restaurants from your hotel on foot. Bakau is just 1km away so you can also walk to it but green and yellow taxis are also available if you don't want to take long walks underneath the sun.

Best time of year to visit

Cape Point's beach is a perfect place to catch a tan throughout the day with a north east facing beach. The best months to catch some rays last between November and May when clear skies bring temperatures up to and often past 30°C.

From June until October the country is just as hot but tropical showers kick in which may restrict the time you can spend on the beach and in the wilderness.