Cape Point Holidays 2024/2025

Quiet days along a stretch of golden sand are what Cape Point does best. With a handful of beach-forward resorts, a local market and a clutch of restaurants, it’s a destination perfect for holidaymakers seeking relaxation.

Cape Point Holiday Deals

Small but sunny

Gambia was first sought out as a tourist destination by a group of Swedish holidaymakers in the sixties, who were attracted to this African nation because its peaceful shores and unending warmth felt like an escape. Fast-forward 50 years and holidays to Gambia are still going strong, with beachy havens like Cape Point anchoring the country in all its waterfront glory.

Cape Point won’t have you up all night, but this little resort will keep you well-rested with stints along the beach and well-fed with some flavourful Gambian dishes. The hotels will keep you in top-notch condition, adding hints of the exotic with local cocktails. All Inclusive Gambia holidays are easy to come by in this welcoming seaside town, so finding good food and tasty tipples won’t be a struggle.

Cape Point Beach

The beach at Cape Point is one of those classic little numbers, cloaked in golden sand and backed by tall palm trees whose shade provides the ultimate respite from the Gambian heat. Bring along a towel and a good book and you’ll be entertained for hours.

The currents here can be unpredictable, so swimming should be treated with caution. You won’t find row upon row of watersport activities, but you’ll see the occasional group passing by on horseback. And when you’re not sunbathing, there are beach bars and juice stands pouring tropical sips nearby.

Sunwing Tourist Craft Market

Located along a main road in Cape Point is the local Sunwing Tourist Craft Market. It’s a gathering of around 50 stalls manned by locals selling handicrafts of a wide variety. Here you can expect to find small items like jewellery and carved wooden masks, along with drums, clothing and tropical fruit.

Bakau activities

Cape Point is a relatively small area, so there isn’t much in the way of activities beyond sunbathing at the beach. Two notable sites are the Kachikally Crocodile Pool and the Bakau Botanical Gardens.

It’s rumoured that the Kachikally Crocodile Pool was the starting point for the area known as Bakau that was to form around it, just outside of Cape Point. Swimming beneath its murky waters are a number of African crocodiles that come above shore for a nose around the sand. And you’ll get a chance to see these wild creatures at Calypso Restaurant.

The Bakau Botanical Gardens is a shade-drenched spot that’s incredibly leafy, to say the least. When wandering through its dirt paths, you’ll see a huge array of native flora and fauna including tropical plants and brightly-coloured flowers.

Gambian cuisine

The national cuisine of Gambia, and in particular Cape Point – follows with Western African traditions, often including fish, vegetables, black-eyed peas, oysters from the River Gambia and a range of herbs.

Cape Point doesn’t have an overwhelming selection of restaurants, but you’ll still find a healthy blend of traditional African dishes and international cuisine here. With Gambia package holidays becoming more and more popular, you’ll find restaurants specialising in French, Indian, Hungarian and Chinese.

Beachy stays

The hotels in Cape Point know how to play up to their surroundings. Many of them are clustered along the beach and decked with palm trees that are a constant reminder of how lush the area is. They also offer unique pool scenes, so if that trek to the beach is too far, you can take advantage of your own sunbathing spot.

Your hotel is also where you’ll be able to pick up a beer or cocktail mixed with local spirits, as Cape Point’s nightlife scene is pretty limited.


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