A guide to food and drink in Luxor

Luxor is a popular destination when it comes to cheap Egypt holidays, with world-renowned ancient monuments that have been tourist attractions since the Romans ruled. This has given the area more than enough time to cultivate its culinary scene, and the combination of local delicacies and international specialities has put Luxor firmly on the map for food and drink.

Exploring Luxor's delicacies

Egypt’s fertile Nile valley and delta means you can expect a cuisine that’s rich in vegetables and grains. Firm local favourites in Luxor include dishes like molokheyya, which is okra with garlic and coriander sauce, ful medames, a mashed fava bean concoction, and koshari, a lentil and rice mixture. Bread – known as aish – is served at almost every meal, and is used to scoop sauces or as an accompaniment to soups and casseroles.

Because Egypt is an Islamic country, much of its population does not consume alcohol, though alcohol is still available in tourist districts like Luxor and within hotels. Local drinks are typically cheaper than the imported variety, but restaurant-bars here – especially those within hotels – are fairly well-stocked.

Only the best at The Lantern Room

Considered by many as the best restaurant in Luxor, The Lantern Room greets you with a warm welcome. Hospitality is the name of the game here, so everything that can be done will be done to make you feel at home.

Debby’s menu has a variety of Egyptian and English dishes to choose from, so the brave can embark on a local taste adventure while those who prefer home comforts can stick with what they know. What’s more, Debby and her team will do their best to cook up anything you can’t find on the menu.

You won't believe the prices at Sofra Restaurant & Cafe

Sofra is all about authentic Egyptian cuisine, amazing decor and a friendly service, providing the ultimate local experience. The prices are very low for such big portions, and with an army of staff waiting on customers, the tips are often larger than the bill.

The baby aubergines here are considered some of the most flavourful in Luxor and form just the beginning of the broad variety available to vegetarians and vegans at Sofra. Sit out on the terrace and fully immerse yourself in Egyptian culture at this remarkable little restaurant.

Egyptian food with a twist at Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant

A great restaurant for people of all ages, Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant offers plenty of vegetarian options too. The staff here prepare food with an eye for the aesthetics, so each plate that emerges from its kitchen looks just as good as it tastes. There’s even the occasional decoration in the shape of a fish or flower.

You can also get Al-Sahaby Lane’s food to take away, but a seat in the restaurant is highly recommended. The atmosphere is a remarkable marriage of neon lights and Arabic hangings, complete with lively chatter and a comfortable, cosy interior.

A taste of Italy at Pizza Roma-it

This restaurant prides itself on its simplicity. Just like so many Italian restaurants, Pizza Roma-it relies on the fresh and flavourful ingredients that go into its food over lavish preparation or extravagant decor. Egypt holidays can still include Italian food, and a trip to this restaurant delivers brilliant quality pizza and top-notch service at a reasonable price – simple as that.

One thing to note about Pizza Roma-it is it doesn’t serve alcohol, but they are more than happy for you to bring your own wine. Also, be wary of the portions because they are huge. Many go home with leftover food in a doggy bag, meaning you get two meals for the price of one.

Stop for dessert at Wenkie's German Ice-Cream Parlour

If you’ve eaten at one of the many fantastic restaurants in Luxor but still have room for something sweet, Wenkie’s is the place for you. This German ice-cream parlour serves up scoop after scoop of mouthwatering gelato, which makes for the perfect pudding every time.

Kids and adults love Wenkie’s equally, and there are all sorts of delicious dishes to choose from. Iced coffee, waffles, sundaes and milkshakes are all up for grabs, but get there fast as it’s a popular place to eat.