Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

Sunrise Garden Beach is simply stunning. It has been finished to an exceptionally high standard and its intricate, ornate styling creates a charm full of mystique and ancient luxuries. There are quilted bars, marble floors and painted arches, which will transport you to a different world. Away from the architecture, Sunrise Garden Beach Resort is a real gem of Hurghada, offering something special for holidays to Egypt. There is a private beach and even its very own aqua park – a hit with the kids.

Overview of Hurghada

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort on Hurghada’s beachfront shares the family-friendly feel of the holiday town. Hurghada beach resort stretches for miles along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Divers of all abilities make the journey here to explore its amazing dive spots and reefs dotted along the coastline. And there’s plenty to discover on land, too. Visit local favourite El-Dahar Square, an authentic fruit market, to get a taste of Egyptian life in the oldest part of town. Or venture along the swish, modern marina for excellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Things to do in Hurghada

You could easily stay at resort all holiday as there is just so much to do . From the spa to swimming, beach life, water sports and the aqua park, you can fill every day with fun. If you’re in town for scuba diving, you’re in luck – the town it famed for its excellent underwater worlds. If you want to dive into Egyptian life, though, downtown Hurghada is great for exploring the real Egypt: local dishes, souks and traditional coffee shops. Just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel is large Senzo Mall, full of recognisable restaurants and shops. Take a look back at Ancient Egypt at the entertaining Mini Egypt replica park, which has a scaled-down Grand Pyramid and a pedal-boat Nile. Or book excursions to Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun’s tomb to see real history. You can fill your holiday to Hurghada with as much or as little as you want and you’ll come back feeling fully rested.

Resort Summary

Just five hours flight time from the UK, the white-sand beaches of the Hurghada region are nestled against the Red Sea, rich with some of the best dive sites in the world. On the other side is the secluded desert, offering visitors plenty of adventure on their cheap Hurghada holidays. From topping up your tan along the coast to exploring colourful underwater reefs, you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty and exciting sites waiting to be discovered.

Boasting a year-round dry and temperate climate, average temperatures throughout the year stay well into the 30s, making it the ideal spot for a winter retreat. Families will relish in day trips to the waterpark and aquarium, while little ones won’t miss out on the dazzling marine life as you board a glass-bottomed boat and explore the coral lined coast.