A guide to food and drink in Hurghada

You won’t go hungry on your holiday in Hurghada. You’ll find every type of cuisine here, from Chinese to Mexican and a handful of restaurants offering exquisite international dining. Most restaurants outside of the All Inclusive hotels are located in downtown Hurghada or by the marina.

Exploring Hurghada's delicacies

Step away from the main tourist area and try your luck in one of the many family-run eating houses, here you’ll uncover the real flavour of Egypt. Authentic Egyptian dishes are simple and tasty and the menu relies heavily on vegetables, legumes and grilled meats such as lamb and veal.

You’ll also get to try some of the best shawarma. This mouthwatering dish is similar to a kebab, and you’ll find that each region adds its own unique flavours and twists to traditional recipes.

Tuck into a camel steak at Moby Dick, Hurghada

Tucked away off the busy Sheraton Road and offering respite from the hustle and bustle of the town you’ll find this building boasting a pretty courtyard adorned with flowers and vines. It’s famous for its freshly grilled camel steak, but if you’re after something a little less exotic you’ll find pizza, pasta and seafood dishes on the international menu.

All you can eat sushi at Little Buddha, Hurghada

A sushi bar, restaurant and lounge all rolled into one, yes this dining spot offers so much more than all you can eat sushi. As you enter the venue you’ll be met by an imposing statue of a Buddha behind the bar, framed by two dancefloors and a dramatic staircase sweeping around the room. It leads to a second level of ambiently lit, relaxed seating.

The chefs here prepare all their sushi rolls fresh using the finest ingredients, and if you’re not a fan there are plenty of other dishes on the menu from crispy spring rolls to tasty Mongolian beef. Aside from the sumptuous Japanese cuisine, Little Buddha likes to stay up late and even pumps out all the latest techno beats, attracting a large local crowd.

Marina views at Nubian Cafe and Restaurant, Hurghada

For an exceptional evening sampling authentic Egyptian cuisine with stunning views over the marina, look no further than the Nubian Cafe and Restaurant. Get comfortable on the seating outside while tucking into your own smoking BBQ platter, or head inside and get lost among the intricately carved, wooden furnishings and ambient candlelight.

You’ll find all your Egyptian favourites on the menu including baba ghanoush, falafel and freshly caught seafood. There’s an exotic atmosphere here, with dishes arriving on golden platters and waiters dressed in traditional garb, to give you that Hurghada holiday feeling.

Get your pizza fix at La Luna, El Gouna

This quaint little pizzeria is located downtown in El Gouna, just north of Hurghada. Close to the aquarium, it gives wonderful views of Zeytuna Beach and the surrounding traditional villas. Dine on the first floor in the elegantly decorated, air-conditioned dining room or climb the charming spiral stairs and enjoy unhindered views from the roof.

A great place to watch the sun set and enjoy clear Egyptian night skies, you can expect only the finest and fresh ingredients at La Luna. The owner gets up with the sun every morning to bake the bread and head to the market for his produce. Aside from the Italian-style pizzas, you’ll also find freshly made spaghetti and huge salad bowls.

Freshly caught seafood at El Halaka, Hurghada

With offerings from both the Mediterranean and Red Sea, choose freshly caught produce from the overflowing ice cabinet as you enter the restaurant. Teeming with sea bass, mullet, sole, octopus, lobsters and shrimps, to name but a few, you pay by weight so make sure you confirm a price before you commit.

Fish is prepared simply and arrives sizzling with fresh Middle Eastern spices and plenty of appetising salads and mezze are on offer too. As with all traditional Egyptian-run restaurants you won’t find any alcohol on the menu. This gives you even more time to tuck into some delicious fish soup and freshly made warm bread as you await your main.