Crown Resorts Horizon

Looking out over the bright-blue waters is the elegant and traditionally chic complex of the Crown Resorts Horizon. A large swimming pool and swim-up bar add a touch of luxury to this well-positioned accommodation, which is a short walk from the beach and an even shorter jaunt away from the town centre. There are plenty of sports and activities to try your hand at, as well as a fantastic buffet restaurant to sample. Evening entertainment is on offer every night, and if you can tear yourself away from the hotel to explore the surrounding area, the Crown Resorts Horizon is the perfect place to return and wile away the rest of your time in Cyprus.

Overview of Paphos

Holidays to Cyprus are special for a number of reasons. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters that meet the soft sands of incredible beaches, and forever enjoying the warm sunshine, it’s an island that caters for party goers, families, and nature admirers alike. An island of two distinct halves, Cyprus caters to the laid-back holidaymaker who wants to do little more than relax and take in the Paphos region and Paphos town itself. For the more adventurous holidaymaker, exciting experiences await, with ancient ruins, shopping and sunbathing all waiting to be enjoyed.

Things to do in Paphos

Fun family day trips are most definitely on the cards in Paphos, with a zoo, gorgeous gardens and a water park all waiting to be explored. For lazier days, you’ll be able to enjoy something else that Paphos is famous for world-class beaches. The sun shines all year round in Cyprus, with summer temperatures reaching 30°C and more. Coupled with the beauty of Paphos’ beaches, this climate makes for wonderful, lazy sunbathing days along the quiet, sandy shores. It’s too tempting not to take a dip, as even the water stays warm here. You can’t visit Paphos and not enjoy a selection of the incredible food. Inspired by more than just Greece, Cypriot cuisine includes hints of Turkish and Middle-Eastern flavours as well, creating some unforgettable cheeses, mezzes and delicious meats. A day of traditional tastings would be a day well spent.

Resort Summary

There are few destinations as renowned and desirable as Cyprus holidays, and with good reason. With a climate that rarely dips below 20°C in the autumn – and more often touches the higher side of the 30°Cs in summer – the country has destinations for every kind of holidaymaker. But if you’re looking for the traditional Cypriot experience, close to but not amidst the bustle and ancient myths of nearby Paphos, Coral Bay is the ideal destination.