Zagreb Holidays 2024/2025

Croatia may be known for its stunning coastline, but this hidden away capital is certainly not to be missed. Zagreb is the beating heart of this captivating country, bursting at the seams with rich history, stunning architecture and splendid scenery.

Zagreb Holidays 2024/2025

Swap the sea for scenery

This underrated city in central Croatia makes for a city break like no other. A picture-perfect place made for scenic strolls, you’ll get a real insight into all that Croatia has to offer, without the hustle and bustle of the usual touristy spots. 

You’re a way away from Croatia’s shimmering coast, but that doesn’t mean Zagreb is any less beautiful. You’ll be taken aback by how lush and green this city is, with pretty parks popping up on every corner, and a cute cafe culture to match. 

There’s over 30 picturesque parks spread out across the city, one of the most popular being the Lenuzzi Horseshoe or the Green Horseshoe – an amazing seven squares which beautifully frame the downtown area, with their grassy areas forming a perfect U. 

You’ll find this the perfect spot to grab a seat at one of the many cafes, sit back, and take in the scenes around you. From live street performers to perfect people-watching opportunities, this vibrant city always has so much going on. 

Over in the upper town area you’ll find the Zagreb Cathedral standing tall and proud, its Gothic twin spires piercing the sky, surrounded by red-tiled roofs. Nearby is the 13th century St. Mark’s Church, with a unique and colourful roof of its own! Quite simply, this city looks like it was plucked out of a fairytale – and you’ll fall in love with it with each and every step.

Not your usual museums

Like many other central European capitals, Zagreb isn’t short of interesting museums to visit. But you won’t just find the usual historic kind here – there’s a whole host of unique ones on offer here! Most notably – the Museum of Broken Relationships. Yes, you read that right!

The museum showcases exhibits devoted purely to failed love affairs and broken relationships of years gone by – with many visitors being surprised at how emotional and enlightening their visit left them. 

You’ll see personal objects and love notes left over from couples of the past, with genuine stories and experiences on display. It gained its award as Europe’s most innovative museum back in 2011, and we’ll certainly give it that!

Never a dull moment

There’s a real buzz to life in Zagreb no matter what time of day. During the day you can peruse pop-up markets and food stalls in one of the many squares, and by night there’s a whole host of exciting events on offer, no matter what your interests.

The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra often teams up with world-known groups, conductors and soloists to put on the show of a lifetime, and there’s even festivals held here too. From fantastic theatrical performances to a night at the opera house, there’s always a seat ready and waiting to wow you in some way.


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