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Rabac Holidays

If you're a fan of holidays to Croatia, you've probably already been to places like Split and Dubrovnik. Why not head to Rabac, Croatia's most up-and-coming destination? Located on the Istrian Coast, this picturesque town is surrounded by dreamy beaches. But holidays to Rabac aren't just about lazy days sunbathing and swimming. There are medieval villages to visit, secluded islands to discover, and a packed programme of cultural events and evening nightlife. There's never a dull moment in Rabac.

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A picture-perfect view

Rabac was once a humble fishing village. But its beautiful beaches couldn't be kept secret for long. In the 20th century, it became a holiday spot for the nobility, who built expansive villas here. These days it's a tourist hub. But despite its popularity, the village still maintains its original unspoilt charm.

You'll head to Rabac down a winding mountain road. As you turn the final corner, you'll be greeted by a view of brightly-coloured houses nestling into a hilly slope. This is the medieval town of Laban, Rabac's sister village. Rabac itself is a town of terracotta-topped stone buildings nestled around a thriving harbour, where white yachts bob in the deep-blue waters of the Adriatic.

A picturesque promenade runs along the coast. In the day it's used by cyclists and rollerbladers, giving way in the evening to groups of walkers taking a leisurely stroll. As the sky darkens, the lights of the ocean-front restaurants illuminate the water, as the village comes to life. In this picture-perfect corner of the world, holidays to Rabac, Croatia, will have you reaching for your camera again and again.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Croatian kuna
  • Croatian
  • GMT +1

Fun on the water

Many people visit Rabac, Croatia for the beaches. These pristine, white-pebbled stretches are caressed by calm turquoise waters. Girandella Bay, next to the promenade, is the most popular of Rabac's beaches. You can easily spend a day here. Loungers and parasols are available to rent, and changing rooms and showers are also available. Beach-front restaurants and bars cater to your every need. There are also plenty of watersports available here, including banana-boating, waterskiing and diving.

If you're looking for a slightly quieter option, Lanterna Beach is a nearby Blue Flag cove. It can reached from the town centre by following the paths through a shady wood. Lanterna also has a few bars, restaurants and other amenities.

Eat and drink like a local

You can always find a delicious meal in Croatia, and Rabac is no exception. Istria is renowned for its delicious olive oils and wines, and you'll find both ingredients in many local dishes.

Buzara, a seafood stew made with garlic, parsley, olive oil and wine, is on the menu in Rabac restaurants. You can also enjoy scallops and lobster, fresh from the sea. Those with a sweet tooth should try krafi, a dessert ravioli with a sweet cottage cheese, raisin and lemon filling.

As well as a good dining scene, there are lots of nightlife options available in Rabac – from local taverns to beachfront clubs, there's an evening out to cater to all tastes.

Rabac holidays offer tourists a little bit of everything. Brilliant beaches, cultural attractions, fantastic scenery and a lively nightlife. You'll return from here feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And once you've visited, you're bound to come back again and again.