A guide to the best restaurants in Pula

With a mix of family focused restaurants and more upscale establishments, holidays in Pula Croatia offer you a wide variety of eateries to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a pizza or a restaurant that promotes local Istrian food, or simply somewhere to relish delicious fresh seafood, there is a wide choice for all budgets and all tastes. Truffles and pasta are also popular, as Pula is a place where Mediterranean and Balkan flavours combine.

Fine dining fun at Milan

Swanky surroundings always enhance a meal, and the decor at Milan is certainly something to write home about. You can also expect to enjoy the best quality food, from elaborate crostini creations to stunning seafood. Prices aren’t low, but this is the restaurant to go to for a celebratory meal.

Healthy eats at Shanti Raw Food

With a menu of live and raw vegan and vegetarian dishes packed with flavour, a meal at Shanti Raw Food will always leave your tastebuds singing. The prices are competitive and you’ll get some of the most fresh and interesting salads around. The exotic desserts include scrumptious no-bake cakes and other incredible raw delights.

Pizza glories at Pompei

As you’d expect from a restaurant going by the name of Pompei, this is a centre of pizza excellence. But Pompei doesn’t simply serve pizzas – expect to find a full range of Italian favourites, including gnocchi, genuine minestrone soup and risotto.

Fabulous fish at Fish-Food More

Marinated sardines, seafood pasta and other fishy treats are in store when you climb up the hill to the unusually named Fish-Food More. Just 15 minutes away from Pula’s central market, this restaurant is always popular with local residents, and if you dine here you’ll soon see why.

Mediterranean dining at Konoba Dvi Palme

Croatia has something of a reputation for the quality of its grilled dishes, and once you’ve sampled the mixed grills at Konoba Dvi Palme you might want to visit this gem of a restaurant more than once. The menu is pleasingly varied, and you’ll be able to enjoy pizzas cooked in the wood burning oven as well as some delicious fresh fish.

Grill sensations at Kod Kadre

Specialising in Croatian and European dishes, the mixed grill platter at Kod Kadre is spectacularly generous, and this family run restaurant consistently receives good reviews for the quality of its food and service. The house wine is very reasonably priced too.

Dining in style at Faburato

Situated on the outskirts of Pula, though well worth the journey, you know you’re in for a treat when you read Faburato’s menu. All the dishes are assembled from the day’s catch or purchases from the local market. From beautifully presented seafood dishes to rich chocolate mousse in Merlot sauce, attention to detail is key at this busy restaurant.

Healthy choices at Fit Food

There’s no reason why healthy food can’t be tasty and the menu at Fit Food proves that this is certainly the case. Vegetarians are very well catered for but there are also meat and fish options. From flavoursome risottos to imaginatively created salads, the food always looks tempting and the cakes are divine.

Eastern flavours at Peking Pula

It’s always fun to enjoy a long and tasty Chinese meal, and holidays to Croatia are no different. With homemade noodles, hot and sour soups as well as crispy fried duck and many other favourites on the menu, Peking Pula has an extensive selection of Chinese culinary classics. If you choose the ‘specials’ section you’ll be able to enjoy your meal at a particularly affordable price.

Local tastes at Konoba Istria

This is the restaurant to visit if you want to sample authentic cooking from the region. As you’d expect from a resort on the coast, seafood features prominently, as do Istrian sausages and savoury and sweet pancakes. Most of the dishes are cooked on an open wood-fired stove and the tempting smells that greet you when you enter the restaurant bode well for an excellent meal.