A guide to the best restaurants in Porec

From its range of family run restaurants serving Istrian delicacies, to establishments that specialise in Italian cuisine, this charming coastal town offers a surfeit of foodie pleasures. Most menus offer seafood, but Croatian truffles also feature in some of the risottos you’ll find. Wild boar is another local delicacy you’re sure to find on menus. If any of our suggestions tickle your fancy, be sure to check out our great range of cheap holidays to Croatia to sample the local cuisine yourself.

Mediterranean style at Ulixes

For tasty seafood dishes served with style, Ulixes comes up trumps. The scampi a la busara is delicious, and if you really want to get into the fishy vibe then the mixed seafood platter is stunning. For dessert, the chocolate cake served with a compote of fresh berries is pretty amazing too.

Local treats at Cakula Konoba

Croatia holidays are all about trying something new, and a meal at Cakula Konoba is the perfect celebration of local cuisine. You can start with truffle pasta and then move on to steak in a wild mushroom sauce, or try some local pork delicacies. Whatever you end up eating, a meal at this enticing restaurant in the centre of Porec is always an adventure.

Flavoursome pizzas at Pizzeria Nono

Thin crusts and an extensive array of toppings are the rules of thumb for the gargantuan pizzas at Nono’s. From seafood to delectable salamis, and of course lashings of cheese, pizzas here certainly aim to please.

Vegan specialities at Artha

With fantastically wholesome soups on its menu as well as many vegan and veggie standards including fresh vegetables and tofu, Artha is situated just off Porec’s main square. It’s well worth a visit if only to relish its healthy and tasty stews.

Dine in style at St. Nicola

This is dining with attitude. From the moment you enter this beautifully appointed restaurant with its superb views over the sea and start with a first course of mushroom and truffle soup, possibly moving on to the fish of the day accompanied by a scampi and scallop sauce, you may be approaching a state of nirvana. Rounding off the meal with an exquisite chocolate souffle is yet another enticing option.

Feast on pizza at Stari Saloon

With pizza offerings of 120cms across, Stari Saloon certainly lives up to its claim to serve the biggest pizzas in town. As well as being huge, these pizzas are covered in a huge range of toppings. This is a wonderful venue for a family feast, just be prepared for the generosity of the servings.

Croatian pleasures at Rustica III

To gain an authentic taste of Croatia, a meal at Rustica III serves as a useful starting point. From beer stew to kebabs and plates of locally cured meat, a meal at this restaurant will introduce your senses to some new tastes.

Tasty truffles at Konoba Aba

Specialising in local seafood dishes, the food at Konoba Aba also serves some deliciously hearty Croatian specialities. From langoustines in a spicy tomato sauce to a scampi risotto, the tastes and flavours at Konoba Aba are exceptional. The wine is good quality too.

Wine and food at Bacchus Vinoteka

As the name of this bar and restaurant might suggest, wine takes centre stage here. However, salads and other cold dishes are on the menu alongside Istrian delicacies. This is the place for a long drink of some excellent wine to accompany your meal and it consistently garners rave reviews. What’s more, it’s open from 10 in the morning until 2 the following morning.

Seafood and more at Hrast

Homemade dishes and seafood excellence are in store when dining at Hrast. Black gnocchi and prawns feature on the menu as does steak and an array of salads. The dessert menu isn’t extensive, but it doesn’t have to be, if it includes such delights as baked pears and marscapone, or an almond semi-freddo with orange sauce.