Novigrad Holidays 2024/2025

A harbour town turned tourists’ delight, Novigrad offers old world charm with plenty of character, together with much in the way of art and craftsmanship. Expect classic restaurants with seaside views of the Adriatic Sea amid colourful architecture in this relaxing Croatian town.

Novigrad Holiday Deals

Bringing personality to the peninsula

Novigrad is a harbour town in the Istria County of Croatia, which gives it a wonderful location when you look at it on the map. Southwest across the Adriatic lies Italy, north is the rest of Europe, but here, in characterful Novigrad, there’s personality aplenty.

Novigrad’s rising popularity as a tourism destination is due to the fantastic things that the town can offer to its visitors. The marina and harbour see boats bobbing while the old lighthouse stands tall in defence of a town that’s been inhabited since ancient times, and that means there’s a story around every corner.

Wonders within the wall

Holidays to Croatia are a great opportunity to explore the country’s rich heritage. Novigrad’s medieval developments are still visible today, because the whole town is tucked up on a peninsula that pokes out into the sea. That same spirit of the Middle Ages rings true in its storied churches and narrow streets, which you’re encouraged to explore during your stay. The shops and cafes tucked off the beaten track offer tantalising snippets of local life, from bakers and baristas to local artists plying their trade.

In Novigrad, they’re proud of their history, and it’s not hard to see why. Considering some parts of the city show off Venetian Gothic architecture and others are as Croatian as they come, there’s a blend of tales and histories to explore here. City tours come highly recommended, as do visits to the town’s museums, which speak of Novigrad’s unique and much cherished relationship with the sea, as it was once a small fishing community.

By the sea

We wouldn’t blame you for making a beeline to the seafront. The white sand of Pinesta Beach is tremendously inviting, and you’ll see a side to the Adriatic Sea that many others seldom do. Shoreline shops and dining options grace the place with attentive, cheerful demeanours, and there’s plenty for the family to enjoy.

For more secluded stretches of shore, head to pebbled delights like Karpinjan, which hug the harbour and give the heady scent of the salty spray and treasures of the deep. Alternatively, Sirena Beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy a Blue Flag beach that retains its rugged natural beauty, with amenities close at hand and a local passion for sport.

In the water

Istralandia waterpark is only a short journey from the town centre, or you can try your hand at watersports in the gentle waters offshore. Windsurfing is always a popular choice for visitors, with specialists on hand to cater to experienced adrenaline hounds as much as first-timers. Jet-skis are also available for hire when you’re up for racing across the waves, while parasailing gives you quite the view of the bay.

When looking to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the deep, diving around Novigrad is always a popular choice. Historically, the region has served as a trade route connecting Central Europe to Northern Italy, which is why many old shipwrecks can be reached by plucky divers, either under experienced supervision or by testing their own mettle. Natural beauty underwater is abundant too, from dancing reeds and plants to curious little turtles paddling up to see what all the fuss is about.

Appeasing your appetite

All this exploration and relaxation is going to inspire a pretty keen appetite, but Novigrad is ready to deliver. Scenic seaside restaurants are very much par for the course here, where fresh fish and seafood salad is joined by sizzling steaks and some tasty chicken dishes. Croatia’s All Inclusive hotels also serve a fantastic range of local delicacies.

If your tastebuds are wanting to do some tourism of their own, you’ll be pleased that the cuisine of wider Europe has also found a home in Novigrad, so feel free to book a table at fine Italian diners like Lungomare.

Head out to meet the community after sunset and you’ll enjoy a varied nightlife scene. Local musicians and performers liven up a laid-back selection of venues, where it’s all about letting go of the stresses and watching the moonlight shimmer on the waves.


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