Medulin Holidays 2024/2025

In recent years, holidays to Croatia have become increasingly popular. But while holidaymakers flock to places like Split and Dubrovnik, there are still several unexplored corners in Croatia. One of these is the spellbinding Medulin Riviera, a coastal region near the Italian border. On a holiday to Medulin, you can expect to find secluded beaches, ancient ruins and delicious gourmet cuisine. You’ll have to be dragged away when it’s time to leave.

Medulin Holiday Deals

The heart of Medulin

The centre of the Riviera is the town of Medulin. Once a small fishing village, Medulin has blossomed into a tranquil tourist resort. It’s a picturesque place with terracotta-topped buildings, narrow streets and shaded squares. Stroll along the ocean-front promenade by the marina alongside white yachts that bob in the turquoise water.

Medulin has an abundance of parks and gardens. On either side of the marina are two forested promontories. On one, you’ll find the evocative remains of a Roman villa next to the shoreline. The other is a popular recreation area and campground, with trails meandering through shaded pine groves.

Despite its tranquil appearance, you’ll find a lot happening on your holidays in Medulin. Local markets, gourmet food events and a programme of evening concerts runs during the tourist season. The town is also only 10 kilometers from the city of Pula, where archaeological sites, local markets and hip bars sit alongside each other.

Beaches of the Riviera

Beach-lovers will be spoilt for choice on a holiday in Medulin. The town itself boasts four beaches. Bijeca is one of the most popular, with its one-kilometer stretch of golden sand. This beach is popular with families because of its shallow waters. It’s fringed with pine trees for shade, making it the perfect spot for a picnic. Meanwhile, the pebbly Alba Chiara beach close by is the place to go for watersports. Canoes, jet skis and pedal boats can all be rented here.

Considering that the Medulin Riviera occupies 50 kilometers of coastline, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Pješcana uvala is another good option. It’s a picturesque cove backed by a promenade where you can buy refreshments after a dip in the sea. There’s even a small inflatable playground bobbing in the water.

Orchids, dinosaurs and islets

If you’re a nature lover, the highlight of a holiday to Medulin is a trip to Cape Kamenjak, a protected nature park of rugged cliffs, sun-kissed forests and hidden caves. This is home to twenty different types of orchid and lots of bird species. The rugged coastline conceals around thirty secluded coves, so it’s the perfect spot for a swim.

One of the highlights of the park is the islet of Fenoglia, where you’ll see fossilised dinosaur tracks preserved in the rock. When you get hungry, seek out the unique Safari Bar, where food is served in huts surrounded by reeds and bushes. There’s a playground for the kids here too.

Getting out and about

Holidays in Medulin are all about getting out and about, exploring the Riviera’s beaches, rivers, hills and coasts. Medulin is an excellent base to try out all sorts of sports, such as horse riding, tennis, sailing, diving and windsurfing.

There are also several attractions around Medulin, if adventure’s what you’re after. The Adrenaline Park is located ten-minutes’ drive from the town centre. It has a high rope climbing course, zip line and paintball arena. There’s also a wake park in the nearby town of Pomer, where you can learn how to wakeboard.

The region is criss-crossed with hiking tracks and bike trails. They are all well-maintained and signposted, and will lead you on a journey through some of the most beautiful parts of the Riviera.

Wining, dining and gourmet treats

With all the activities on offer, you can get away with really indulging yourself. The region is renowned for its delicious truffles, olive oil and diverse selections of wines. You’ll also find exquisite seafood dishes here. Food and wine tours will help you discover the best of the region’s gastronomy.

There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Medulin and the surrounding area. Visit a local restaurant and you can expect to see dishes such as squid ink risotto, Istrian pasta and wild asparagus soup on the menu.

While you’ll find a couple of clubs and bars in Medulin, it’s not renowned for its nightlife – but there are plenty of places where you can settle down and share a bottle of wine as you watch the sun set.

A holiday in Medulin will be a compelling mix of lazy beach time, outdoor activities and excellent meals. It’s a great place to visit for couples, families and groups of friends. The more you discover of this picturesque region, the more captivated you’ll be.


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