Sipan Holidays 2024/2025

Located 17km off the coast of Dubrovnik is Sipan Island. As far as holidays to Croatia go, it’s a peaceful place with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. It’s the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, and is a popular destination with visitors to Croatia. As it’s so easy to pop over on the ferry from Dubrovnik, Sipan Island holidays need little extra planning. You can enjoy the rustic trails, fresh seafood and natural beauty of the tranquil island while getting to visit Croatia’s famous medieval city. As well as beaches that sit aside the clear-as-glass Adriatic, you’ll find delicious meals. From olives and figs to tomatoes and fruits, the island is bountiful in flavoursome food.

Sipan Holiday Deals

Enjoy the peace and quiet

Once the destination of choice for Croatian aristocracy, Sipan Island has enchanted visitors for centuries. The traditional Dalmatian way of life continues as usual on the island, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik city centre. From its natural trails covered in vines to the untouched landscape, you will step back in time by stepping foot on the island. As a result, it’s the perfect place to escape from modern life and enjoy time to think, breathe and relax. Unlike some Croatian islands, cars are allowed on Sipan Island – so this means you can hop on a bus to cross the island rather than always having to walk.

Get to know the island’s towns

As the island only covers six miles, you can easily explore its entirety on Sipan Island holidays. From olive groves and vineyards to churches and traditional houses, you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of this small but impressive island. There are two towns on Sipan: Sipanska Luka and Sudurad. Both are connected by a single road, so you can easily get between the two. Sipanska Luka is the bigger, with a few more cafes and restaurants to choose from. Sudurad is much quieter and sits below a 16th-century castle. If you don’t fancy taking the bus, you can rent bikes from either town. Two churches on the island are worth exploring: the 11th-century St. Peter’s Church and the 1569 Church of the Holy Spirit.

Island hop with a sea kayak

The best way to explore Croatia’s islands and coastline is by sea kayak. You can choose whether to hire a kayak and head off alone or book onto a group tour. There are many different companies offering these tours, so you can choose the one that sounds most interesting: from delving into hidden sea caves to sunset tours complete with Croatian wine. Sea kayaks are comfortable and have space to bring bags on-board, so you can bring a packed lunch and snorkel gear with you. Tours tend to navigate around Sipan, Lopud and Lokrum, though you can choose the specifics when you book. Paddling along Dubrovnik’s coastline is an excellent experience – you can see the daunting city walls from a whole new angle.

Spend time on the beach

While Sipan’s beaches aren’t the long, sandy stretches you find on Lopud, you’ll have no trouble finding a secluded spot for a swim in the Adriatic. If you’re in Sudurad, you’ll find a gravel beach alongside the wharf as well as a few more if you walk further north. Sipanska Luka has a sheltered gravel beach not far from the harbour too. If you want a slightly busier beach with more facilities, hop on the ferry to Dubrovnik. You’ll have the choice of two beaches, Banje and Sveti Jakov. Sveti Jakov is slightly further out of the city centre, but it’s a favourite with locals due to being an evening sun trap and boasting incredible views of the medieval walls.

Catch the ferry to Dubrovnik

Take the hour-long ferry from Sudurad port over to Dubrovnik, and see why this magical city has entranced so many people. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of marble-paved streets, walk the ancient city walls, and let pop-up bars lure you in for cool drinks. Dating back to the 13th-century, Dubrovnik’s city walls are a must-see. The walk is around one mile and you’ll get an impressive view across the city and over the Adriatic. Plus, there are plenty of laid-back bars along the way – and a few cliff-diving spots for the brave. If you’re still searching for better views, take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd. Sunset’s a great time for photos, and you can watch the evening unfold from the high-quality mountain-top restaurant.

Sipan Island holidays let you see the best parts of Croatia. Spend time in the lively, cosmopolitan Dubrovnik before heading back to the tranquil wilderness of Sipan. You’ll quickly fall in love with the slower pace of life, and see why the Dalmatian traditions and culture have remained so ingrained in the island. Plus, you can choose between relaxing on the beach and wandering through barely-touched trails to kayaking across the Adriatic to explore the other islands.


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